Only "LIQUI-FIRE" Thaws Frozen Pipes Safely   

There is NO "D" in LIQUI-FIRE because "D" stands for "D"angerous, "D"amaging, and "D"estructive products!

#1 in the industry for decades because customers who used it are happy to recommend it.

Also see: Our, "I-Care" Concept and Initiatives

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Can't reach us?  See: BELL Canada

Please contact any of the stores in your area by clicking any of the links below then use their store locator.

You can also print this "Retail Store Information Sheet" and take it to the store to ensure you get Liqui-Fire.

"Liqui-Fire" is available at participating:

BMR Stores Home Hardware - Do-It-Best Stores - ACE Hardware - RONA - Castle - Hardware Hank Stores - Pro-Hardware - McMunn & Yates - Timber Mart Stores - TrueValue USA - CO-OP Stores - TrueValue Canada L&M Fleet Supply - EMCO Plumbing & Heating Supplies - ETC.

NOT  available  at  Canadian  Tire: Click here to read why?

NON  disponible  chez  Canadian  Tire:  Cliquez  ici  pour  lire  pourquoi?


Click on the blue text above or the image below for the Order Desk or Customer Service.


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