Only "LIQUI-FIRE" Thaws Frozen Pipes Safely   

There is NO "D" in LIQUI-FIRE because "D" stands for "D"angerous, "D"amaging, and "D"estructive products!

#1 in the industry for decades because customers who used it are happy to recommend it.

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"Liqui-Fire"Pipe Thaw can be ordered directly from here: The Manufacturer's Website.
Or can be purchased from any of the participating stores.

"Liqui-Fire" is available in most stores of the participating banners.

BMR StoresHome Hardware - Do-It-Best Stores - ACE Hardware - RONA - Castle - Hardware Hank Stores - Pro-Hardware - Timber Mart Stores - TrueValue USA - CO-OP Stores - TrueValue Canada - and many more.
 There are many other stores like Mercantile and Country Stores and Plumbing Supply Stores.

Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw peut Ítre commandť directement ŗ partir d'ici: Le site Web du fabricant.
Ou peut Ítre achetť dans l'un des magasins participants.


We will NOT supply Canadian  Tire: Click here to read why.

Nous NE fournirons pas Canadian Tire:   Cliquez ici pour lire pourquoi.


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