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Hundreds of upset consumers brought two concerns to our attention.

Frozen pipes are a problem no matter what. Liqui-Fire (without the letter “d”) makes it a problem that is much easier to deal with at little expense and time.

Whether you call it thaw, thawing, unthaw, unthawing, unfreeze, unfreezing, melt, or melting, fixing, or DIY or D.Y.I., it’s still a problem. Most often the pipe is frozen outside in the ground or underground, or under a mobile home, or in a wall. Most pipes freeze where most homeowners would never install heat trace tape. Save your money and save you time.

That’s why people that have used Liqui-Fire says, “It works, so you don’t have to”.

Please be certain to read “Global Warming & Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tapes and Cables”.

Before beginning, This link is a special message to all those consuming alcohol on New Year 2013.  Best wishes to everyone.

First Concern


Reading this could save our planet Earth while saving you thousands of dollars~!

Global Warming Article excerpts from communication with David Suzuki Foundation  -  #1

The Real Cost of Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tape   #2

There is NO "D" in LIQUI-FIRE because "D" stands for "D"angerous, and "D"estructive products sold by "D"eceptive marketers!



Second Concern


Always use the correct product for the task at hand.
Both products do one job only!
Liqui-Fire is for thawing frozen water drain sewer and septic pipes, while Liquid Fire only eats clogged drain pipes.
This thaws frozen pipes safely -    BUT    - This is not safe and does not thaw frozen pipes.
Click the either bottle for details.

This will eliminate any confusion to you, our valued customers.

Liqui-Fire has NO letter “d” and is by Woodsmans International.  Liqui-Fire will safely thaw intake water pipes + drain pipes + sewer lines + septic systems in walls and underground.

Liquid Fire with a letter “d” in by Amazing Products Inc.  Liquid Fire Drain Opener is intended for commercial use by licensed plumbers.

It is sulfuric acid.


There are only 2 kinds of companies.  Honest companies and dishonest companies.


Use Liqui-Fire if you want your frozen water pipe, frozen drains, frozen sewers, frozen septic pipes thawed.

Remembering which one is as simple.  Simply remember there is no letter "d" in Liqui-Fire nor in frozen.


Use Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner / Opener with a letter "d" in its name if you want to chemically destroy clogged drains.

Now that is honesty!

Click here to see hazards on drain cleaners.

Click here to see Corrosion on ABS drain pipe 4 days after using Sulphuric Acid.

LIQUI-FIRE is the industry leader and it is one of a kind!

Here are just a few of the thousands of links showing the Dangers of Drain Cleaners or Drain Openers:

Drain Cleaner Safety - Is this your Mother?   News Articles - My face melted when drain cleaner exploded

Drain Cleaner Injury - Is this your Grandmother?  See for yourself - Search in quotes; "Drain Cleaner Burn" then click images

Drain Cleaner Accident - Is this your favourite pet?  Yes even your beloved pets are affected by Drain Cleaners of ALL Kinds


Now you know why LIQUI-FIRE is honestly the industry leader and is one of a kind!

Liquid Fire Drain Opener, Liquid Pipe Thaw, and Liquid Lightning Drain Opener  ALL have the letter "D" in the name.  Some are or contain sulphuric acid while others are based on sodium hydroxide (NaOH).  Here you see the damage 4 days after using a sulphuric acid product.  Perhaps it was a trade name violator and/or knock-off product.

Drain cleaners or drain openers cost home owners millions of dollars in damages and repair expense.  Many of you spent thousands of dollars in repair cost due to using an acid based product to thaw a frozen pipe.  Sulphuric acid eats pipes!  The photo and excerpt are from independent forensic testing conducted for the insurance industry.  See the damage caused from sulphuric acid on this ABS drain 4 days after a sulphuric acid product was used.  Plus there is permanent damage to the environment.

Corrosion on ABS drain pipe 4 days after using Sulphuric Acid.


Failure of ABS pipe in four days from contact with sulphuric acid. ABS is not suitable for containing or conveying sulphuric acid.  My conclusion and opinion is that a sulphuric acid product should never be used in a home environment.  They are known to host potentially enormous health risk from long term debilitating effects, respiratory failure, blindness, and even death.  Your family health is at risk.  Plumbing damage is merely a secondary safety issue to the consumer and user.



Here are a couple of the trade product knock-off names.  These product names include but are not limited to:

Liquid Fire drain opener ... Sulphuric Acid or sodium hydroxide (NaOH)?

Liquid Lightning ... Sulphuric Acid or sodium hydroxide (NaOH)?

Liquid Pipe Thaw ... We've wasted enough of your time but you have the idea now.

Be smart and know how to identify LIQUI-FIRE.  Here's how.

LIQUI-FIRE sells for $24.99 ALWAYS.  Sulphuric acid drain openers lure you with similar names selling for less.

LIQUI-FIRE has NO "D" in the trade name.

Remember: There is NO "D" in LIQUI-FIRE because "D" stands for "D"angerous, "D"amaging, and "D"estructive products!

LIQUI-FIRE thaws frozen pipes.  If you have a clogged pipe use a drain opener containing active enzymes, not acid.

LIQUI-FIRE can be seen on this website.

If you read this page, please click the links below. This helps inform other families of the risk and damages.

Liquid Fire Drain Opener .. Liquid Pipe Thaw .. Liquid Lightning Drain Opener .. Drain Cleaner Pipe Damage .or . Drain Opener Pipe Damage ..

Thank You ~!

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Soyez intelligent et sachez identifier LIQUI-FIRE. Voici comment.

LIQUI-FIRE se vend pour 24.99$ TOUJOURS . Des produits qui débouche des drains avec de l’acide sulfurique vous tendent l’appât avec un nom similaire et un prix moins cher.

LIQUI-FIRE n’a pas de lettre (D) dans son nom de commerce. Pour vous en rappeler le (D) veut dire : destructif, détruire, dommage,etc.

LIQUI-FIRE dégèle les tuyaux. Si vous avez un tuyaux bouché utilisé un débouche tuyau qui contiens des enzymes active, pas de l’acide.

LIQUI-FIRE peut être vu sur se site internet.

Si vous lisez cette page, SVP cliqué sur les quatre liens plus bas. Cette aide vous informera sur toute liaison des risques et dommage.

Liquid Fire débouche drain .. Liquid Lightning débouche Drain .. 

Dommage causé par nettoyeur de tuyau de drain .or . Dommage causé par débouche drain de tuyau ..

Merci ~!

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