Before you leave this website, please listen to the Canadian recording, "Tears Are Not Enough".  The need is very real and is growing rapidly in Canada.

Most people go through life blind and not truly seeing that which is right in front of them.  The example I'll use is the photo below of a man, a brother, a father, and a grandfather, (all the same man), who after having a brain aneurism and surviving knew nothing about himself and became homeless.  The societal safety net nor anyone could see him only 100 feet into the woods not far off the main street that thousands of people drove every day.

We found him and turned his life around.  Here is a photo of his living area that stank.  The air permeated of rotting food, decomposing garbage, urine, and of unclean musty clothes that were extremely blackened by the soils of the forest floor.  This was his hopeless Canadian life before Woodsmans International changed all that.

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My theory and concept version of saying, “I CARE”.

How Many People Visit

Hi, I am writing this because “I CARE”

What I care about is to genuinely help others being those in need.

Yes, “I CARE”, and I’m positive that there are a few others who can also say, “I CARE”.

We don’t need another Christmas Miracle (although some are truly miraculous).  We need a Canadian Miracle that is miraculous every day of every year making it totally miraculous.  It's a simple concept similar to the concept used in real life that was the basis of the movie, "Apple Mortgage Cake" but we are starting with a simple cookie to help those in need.  

So why am I writing this?  Over the years I have helped out many people in their time of need.  Sometimes I gave money and this past year I housed a homeless man for nearly the entire year.  He had suffered and survived a brain aneurism and had been reduced to living in a dirty tent in the woods of Cobourg Ontario.  I began helping him out.  I wasn't able to obtain assistance for helping him.  The societal safety net failed miserably.  I extended trust that was unimaginable for most people to house him in my company offices and plant.  Every expense was paid from my own pocket and my families pocket to buy him everything including building a loft for him to sleep in, a bed and bedding, a dresser and everything from socks and underwear to winter clothing.  In the beginning he came into my home for meals and a daily shower and some interaction time with people in a family environment.  Later on he began to buy groceries which included my buying a microwave, toaster oven, and a refrigerator to keep his groceries in so that he was free to eat when he wanted and now had to freedom to make that choice.  I had turned his life around and he was able to live a decent life on his own nearly a year later.

Every December I personally fax literally thousands of retail stores giving my time and expense to remind them of those less fortunate them themselves.  I ask them to give time if they can give it or to give money to the Salvation Army.  I remind them all that the simple act of giving a hair dryer to a homeless person can provide enough heat to prevent hypothermia from setting in.  I also ask those that do give a hair dryer to inform the homeless to use the electricity provided by cities everywhere to light up Christmas lights and trees and for engine block heaters in some areas.

BUT; I am only able to help so many.

So this year I am doing something different.  It’s not a Christmas Miracle because I want to make it happen all year.

I’ve decided to post a couple of links online for those who can say, “I CARE” and want to be the difference maker in homelessness in Canada. 

People and companies that can say, “I CARE” can offer help or suggestions.

People and companies that can say, “I CARE” can make donations.  Hang on!!!  Make a donation to whom and for what?

The answer is this.  I am going to begin by establishing the, “I CARE” Foods Company.  I will start out simply by baking cookies.  Yes cookies.  The cookies will be the first food item that is made and given free to homeless people.  Why cookies?  Cookies do not need refrigeration.  Homeless people do not have that luxury.

Should there be enough people who can say, “I CARE”, then I will begin making cookies available through retail stores.  Those stores would be told to instruct staff that homeless people can take a bag free without worry of being prosecuted.

I think you see where this is going.  People may actually start saying, “I CARE” and buy cookies to give to someone to show that person that they can say, “I CARE”.

Future food items and other goods may follow if I can get this to start and to work.  Perhaps with the help of others who can say, “I CARE” it will be possible.

So I will start by giving of myself and my time and money and a page on my website (for starting off) and the use of my commercial building and will start by baking some very good and very healthy cookies.  Homeless people are easy to find and they all need someone to say, “I CARE”.  Every homeless person began as someone’s baby.  They are fathers or mothers, sons or daughters, sisters or brothers who need our help.

With your help perhaps we can put an end to homelessness and need in Canada by starting with a simple cookie and ending up with, “I CARE” drop and pick up boxes everywhere or perhaps even grocery stores with an “I CARE” section and food banks with “I CARE” product supplied to them and the Salvation Army.

So I’m posting this to see how people who can truly say, “I CARE”, make the difference.

Anyone can repost this anywhere.  All feedback is welcome be it good or bad.  Businesses and companies that donate will be posted on the website that together we build and grow into a Canadian Legend.

Perhaps corporate or private donations will provide equipment, or assistance or expertise?  It will take the help of Volunteers and sales people and help from all sorts of people like those skilled in sales and distribution to those who love baking to website designers.  I posted this on Facebook and at 9:00am Wednesday August 31 my first few responses were received giving me thumbs up and hope for this to grow.

There is a greater showing of interest and compassion when someone post that the Toronto Blue Jays or the Maple Leafs won a game.  But I did write this to capture the interest of those Canadians who can truly say, "I CARE" and are people who actually stand up for what they believe in and say.  It is sad that there are not as many people of that type as one may think.

I have begun posting it online using various free advertising websites plus I have begun writing various companies and will write KGM and others equipment manufacturers.  KGM is seen below.  And soon I will begin faxing out thousands of retail stores informing them of the "I CARE" initiative.  A website for the "I CARE" initiative will be created soon.  On that website will be an honour role naming all those individuals and corporations who helped to create and establish this initiative.  Some will not be listed so as to respect those wishing to remain anonymous.  Many who give are bombarded with hundreds of email request and sometimes telephone calls for money for everything from organizations and people from around the world.

Currently I can only bake so many cookies at a time.  It will take all kinds of people who can say, “I CARE” to make this grow into a legend and life long reality.

But with donations cookies can be made in abundance using a KGM biscuit machine Kalmeijer as seen below.  A mixing machine, racks, ovens, and ingredients will all be needed and eventually be acquired or donated.

People can help.  Businesses can help.  Retailers can help.  Corporations can help.  Like the song "Tears Are Not Enough" states; "Together we can make the difference".  "Only we can make the difference".  And a statement we all know is justified and shamefully true; "Heaven knows that tears are not enough".

The song ends with a most inspirational ending message and incredible humbling plea; "For God sakes lend a hand!"  Let's show them Canada still cares.

SO I put forth the idea.  The rest is up to those Canadians who can truly say, “I CARE”.  Let's make this happen starting with cookies, then clothes, and perhaps one day even more.

Let’s destroy the “who cares attitude”.  I’m 61 and know I’ll die one day but may the spirit of “I CARE” live on forever.

A Special Thank You in advance to those who can truly say, “I CARE”.

Any donation can be made here.

Those who are wanting to help get this snowballing and offering assistance, skills and help of any kind can send email using the subject line, "I-CARE and want to help", can send it to:

( Listen to "Tears Are Not Enough" )