This could be happening to you and to your business.  Please read and return, thank you.

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BELL Canada knew that the BTC - Bell Total Connect had and still has business to business connection issues yet BELL Canada acted with malice and deliberately continued selling and issuing the BTC - Bell Total Connect package to customers without making customers aware of these potentially devastating issues.

CALL  TO  ACTION; (at bottom)

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BELL CANADA causes loss of sales resulting in mortgage arrears and property loss

Legal Accountability


Click here to see: Bell Canada HANG UP on Business and Residential Customers Policy.

IF you are foolish enough and want to subscribe to BELL Canada go to www.bell.ca - Official Website.  As a courtesy here is a link to BELL SUPPORT.  I know you will absolutely need it many many times.

Note to BELL Canada: Plus my final offer or ultimatum of resolve.

Updates are recorded at the bottom of this page.


It is my inexperienced legal opinion that this may be the beginning of the largest ever Class Action Law Suit in Canadian History. Even larger than the tobacco fiasco.

Update: Bell Canada is the SOLE provider of Bell Service to its customers yet Bell Canada claims it is not responsible. Dated Feb-24-2017. 3 hours on the phone today alone with Bell and they dropped all 3 calls and have no record of my calling Bell. ALL calls are recorded by Bell Canada in accordance with their policy.

Users of Bell Canada Fiber and Bell Total Connect for business are being lied to. Legally this is call Fraud plus being that Bell Canada is totally aware of this fact the fraudulent actions of Bell Canada are also deemed to be deliberate and therefore Bell Canada is legally guilty of malice in my non-legal opinion as a business owner. That is a fact of which can be validated by the digital records of Bell and of its subscribers.

These Bell services are unable to communicate with other phone services and vise versa even though Bell Canada claims everything works fine and that there is nothing wrong.

Businesses and consumers have lost millions of dollars per month if not billions in loss revenue due to this Bell Canada Issue.

Constantly we are being made aware that our lines are not working even though the illusion of complete functionality appears. This is fact.

Our customer base is largely retail stores of the building supply sect. Customers who have existed for decades at the same locations with the same telephone numbers and same fax numbers.

Many of these; our customers and revenue base receive a Bell Canada message that, "The number you have reached is no longer in service",

That means those sales dollars are lost as a direct result of Bell Canada lies and inability to provide the seamless functional service of copper lines to Bell Fibre lines.

Those loss sales are several loss sales per year from each and every retail store customer. To compound the loss of revenue those same retail stores that are unable to reach us and have received the Bell Canada message that, "The number you have reached is no longer in service," will no longer try to place orders as those customers believe that we are no longer in business.

Therefore; a retail store that may have order a dozen boxes of Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw over the course of 4 or 7 or 12 separate calls or faxes being faxed in using Bell Canada are lost and those losses are forever.

It is my determination and credited evaluation that Bell Canada is directly responsible for losses of over a quarter million dollars but not exceeding $300,000.00 this year alone.

Compound those losses over ten years and you can see that Bell Canada owes my company alone a few million dollars.

If Bell Canada made an immediate out of court settlement today of one million dollars to remove this post it may possibly be acceptable even though it is substantially less than the losses Bell Canada knowingly caused. One million dollar compensation does not correct nor change the fraudulent and malicious actions of Bell Canada. Bell Canada compensated my telephone bill by $200.00 which in a court of law is an acknowledgement of responsibility and guilt.

Personally I have spent in excess of 47 hours on the phone with Bell Canada. Bell Canada has sent 5 ( five ) different techs here on service calls all of whom left here stating the phone system is working properly. We replaced ALL our telephones at the suggestion of Bell Canada.

Still Bell Canada is deliberately falsifying the fact that Bell Fiber and/or Bell Total Connect for business it working 100 percent properly.

I want to hear from businesses or anyone from Windsor and Sarnia to Ottawa and Montreal Ontario as this is where Bell Canada Fiber is known to have these issues although I am certain this same issue possibly occurs coast to coast wherever Bell Canada is using Fiber and/or Bell Total Connect for business.

While I await a public response from Bell Canada I ask that each and every one that reads this to please repost this story and send this to everyone you may know who has ever subscribed to Bell Canada or had an issue with Bell Canada regardless what that issue was.

When you are out and about during your busy day please make a point of telling any and every business owner that you can of this post. Peoples lives are being changed because of Bell Canada actions causing grave compromise to those using Bell Canada.

NOTICE TO BELL CANADA... as the Bell service you provide may tell you that, "The number you have reached is no longer in service," then please write here as you may or may not be able to reach us on your service provided.

Thank you.


Bell Canada Hang Up on Business and Residential Customers Policy.

Bell Canada Complaint Policy.

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As I see it. Bell Canada has adopted a policy for handling consumers complaints who have legitimate complaints including Bell's business customers as well as its residential customers.

I call it the Bell Canada Hang Up Policy because Bell Canada doesn't care!

To reduce the number of complaints Bell Canada adopted a policy to ask for a call back number ( in case the call gets dropped )

Bell Concierges which concierge stands for caretakers; are instructed by Bell Canada to deliberately hang up. Bell Canada concierges are instructed to ask for an alternative number they can reach you at should they drop the call ( hang up on you, the customer ).

Bell Canada knows that most people DO NOT have the time nor the patience to begin the entire complaining process again.

This Bell Canada Policy means Bell Canada appears to have a satisfied customer base because Bell Canada hangs up on its customers which implies Bell Canada does not care about you and I nor any complaint we have about the poor service Bell Canada provides. Share holders need to be aware this Bell Policy is Public and will cause a decline in stock prices.

Bell Canada makes more money because Bell Canada hangs up on you and I and in many cases does not call back on the alternate number you were asked to give should Bell Canada hang up on you.

It is the opinion of myself, a professional 25 years in business, that every Bell Canada Business customer and residential customer HANG UP BELL CANADA and use any alternative communication supplier.

Bell Canada informed me it had 3 specialist working on my ticket and that I would receive a call back.  No one from Bell Canada has called back.  They told me that last week !!!

I ask that any business or any home owner who is a customer of Bell Canada using Bell Total Connect or BTC please post this webpage or webpage information or link onto their Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. so their customers know they are still in business and care about their customers.

This article can also seen on Liqui-Fire Facebook page.

Updates: February 27/2017

Bell Canada blatantly lied to me today stating they had tried several times to reach me on my cell phone but that I failed to answer my cell when Bell Canada called.  My cell provider is Bell Mobility and the "Caller Log" proves that Bell Canada DID NOT try to contact me at all.  The rude Bell Canada Tech named Eric refused to listen to a word I said and constantly talked over me.  Eric a tech with Bell Canada refused to put my call through to his supervisor.

During this call a Bell Canada Customer Service agent called so I spoke with them both over speaker phone on my cell and my business telephone.  Eric the tech remained silent while I stated that Bell Canada - Eric had blatantly lied stating Bell Canada had called me.  Upon deliberately lying to me, Eric told me to ask my staff as Bell Canada had not called me but discussed my private business of my Bell Canada services with my staff.  However; upon Bell Canada (another tech) talking with my staff earlier on another call, the Bell Canada tech stated that Bell Canada had my second line number assigned to 2 locations which would cause a lose of incoming and outgoing call connections.

Bell Canada Customer Service agent stated he would look into the problem but that it was not Bell Canada's position to be accountable for dropped calls or losses incurred by the Bell Canada Business Customers that Bell Canada is the sole provider of telecommunications.

Update: February 28/2017

Today was another couple of hours or more wasted on the telephone with Bell Canada.  Bell Canada apparently assigned the highest level and most knowledgeable tech to my case and ticket number.  They also assigned one of Bell Canada's top leading customer service members and I was given direct access to this individual.

The long and short of it is that at the end of the couple of hours plus I had asked Bell Canada to switch me over to its copper line service that has worked for years without any glitches or hang ups (so to speak).  Copper lines worked very well.

The 2 Bell Canada employees assured me that everything was now fine as some settings that Bell Canada techs had made previously had been made wrong.  Those settings had now been corrected and the problem no longer existed.

I made 2 distinctly different test myself and one test actually occurred while the Bell Canada Customer Service representative was on speaker phone with me.

Test # 1 - The first test was to have a busy Alberta Canada building center try sending me a fax.  The Bell Canada system failed to properly marry the technology that allows one fax machine to recognize the other.

Test # 1 - FAILED

Test # 2 - Previously a Montana USA consumer had ordered product from our website hosted via MediaTemple.  After paying for her order using a credit card the consumer tried to call both of our Bell Total Connect business telephone numbers shown on our website.  Neither number could be reached.

I became aware of this after that consumer had publicly questioned if my business of 25 years was a scam since she had paid money but neither of the telephone numbers had worked.  My company contacted her using a cell phone and assured her that my company was legitimate and that her order was actually shipped.

Long and short of it is that this same Montana USA consumer was asked via email to please try calling both of those telephone numbers again since Bell Canada assured me that the problem was found and was fixed.

The customer called both numbers and received a prerecorded message thereby not being able to phone in to either of my business phone numbers.

Test # 2 - FAILED

March 1 2017

I was up working at 4:00am and decided to have our computer faxing software send a promotion to our retail store owner customers.  Most of these have been in business for years and have had the same telephone numbers and fax numbers for decades.  Whatever fix had been made to fix the problem now DOES NOT permit the Bell Canada line to recognize the faxes being sent out.  Each and everyone of the fax numbers that the computer tried to fax received the infamous Bell Canada prerecorded message stating: "The number you have reached is no longer in servicce"

I was up trying to salvage my losses incurred by being on Bell Canada Bell Total Connect.  I was not trying another test.  I was just trying to do business and promote a special sale price out to our thousands of retail store owners in Canada and the United States.

Test # 3 - FAILED


Legal Accountability

I appreciate the attention that I am only now receiving but it does nothing to prevent further financial losses caused entirely by the paid services I subscribe to with Bell Canada Bell Total Connect, BTC.

I am tired of hearing Bell Canada's autoplay recording; "To keep your business up and running Bell offers same day next day repair."  "Bell now offers evening and weekend appointments so you can get the service you need when its convenient for you!".

I have however notice Bell Canada use to have a sentence in that recording which stated; "So you can do more and make more". but that line has been since removed from Bell Canada's recording.  The "make more" phrase was extremely positive and I believe it attracted many businesses to switch to Bell Canada BTC.

Bell Canada knew that issues existed long before Bell Canada decide to rerecord that call waiting recording.  Therefore: with the knowledge that Bell Canada removed that phrase from its prerecorded call waiting message; I believe Bell Canada is legally accountable to each and every business customer for any revenue losses, real or implied without question in a court of law.



BELL CANADA causes loss of sales resulting in mortgage arrears and property loss

Most of our Canadian and American Customers are retail stores that existed for decades in the building sect.

Vast numbers of customers phoned or faxed Woodsmans International and received the famous BELL Canada message stating, "The number you reached is not in service.  Please check the number and try your call again."

Most busy retail stores do not have time to baby sit their fax machine to make sure the fax was sent.

Further more; retail store staff do not send email to a party to tell them that the telephone numbers are not working.

BELL Canada solution was to collect a list of all the numbers and the date and times that those numbers tried to call in or fax in that received BELL Canada's famous message so that BELL Canada could correct or change internal BELL Canada settings to fix the problem which BELL Canada claims does not exist by stating that our numbers work fine.

BELL Canada's improperly working BELL TOTAL CONNECT or BTC is solely responsible for devastating this customers business.  BELL Canada knew of these problems prior to subscribing me to BTC thus making BELL Canada liable for ALL punitive damages and business losses, yours and mine and every business in Canada using the BTC - Bell Total Connect.


Please !!!  Send a copy of the email below to each and every one of your contacts.


BELL Canada telecommunications are cross linked to every provider in Canada and the world.  Therefore: it is in everyone's best interest to circulate this email to everyone as lost communications are lost dollars to many.

This may or may not be affecting your enrollment but if you are using Bell Canada Services then most likely it had an affect on your potential students from contacting you to enroll.

Losses caused by BELL Canada


Should you not wish to open the link then you can simply cut and paste the line below into your browser address field.



ALL those who use any form of telecommunications whether BELL or especially one of BELL's competitors are asked to provide a copy of this link to their service providers.  Competitors will see EVERYONE knows of this.


AGAIN: BELL Canada telecommunications are cross linked to every provider in Canada and the world.  Therefore: it is in everyone's best interest to circulate this email to everyone as lost communications are lost dollars to many.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Written and spearheaded by:
David Bobiash
Woodsmans International
Note to BELL Canada: Plus my final offer or ultimatum of resolve.
To BELL Canada.  You are huge and think BELL is untouchable.  BELL Canada thinks individual customers are small and can't affect BELL in any way.  However; I think of BELL  like a huge mighty oak tree.  With my little hatchet I will continue to chip away at this huge mighty oak tree and given time, the mighty oak will fall and be gone forever.
BELL Canada doesn't believe I can cause BELL to lose enough customers to topple BELL, but already the young educated next generations of future BELL CUSTOMERS are being groomed as in the Sub-Note seen below.  And many of them know how to swing their little hatchet better so that the chips of this huge mighty oak I call BELL will fall.
BELL Canada: this is my final offer and ultimatum of resolve.
BELL Canada solely caused my business losses resulting in the loss of my property and building that is home to my business of 25 years.
BELL Canada must restore my ownership of that property (paid in full) and in BELL Canada cannot acquire my property ownership back to myself then BELL Canada must buy and/or build me a similar or satisfactory property and building at BELL Canada's expense to be paid in full.
PLUS: BELL Canada will provide myself and my business with FREE LIFETIME BELL SERVICES of our choice.
Upon BELL Canada agreeing to do so then my personal efforts against BELL Canada will cease.
Upon my own conducting of research via search various search engines using multiple various and different search query strings I can see that this webpage is generally found on the first page of many of those searches.  In several cases, this webpage is the first page found in many different search queries.  That means that this information is being spread further and faster than even I anticipated it would be.  I believe but can't verify that already I have caused BELL losses equal to or greater than my resolve.  BELL caused my losses and I in return will do the same for BELL.
FYI... Here is a list of assets and companies owned by BELL.  By knowing this information it becomes easier to stop supporting BELL Canada in many different ways.   Here's the link:  BELL Canada Assets.
Sub-Note:  Currently; this is being forwarded to all universities and businesses across Canada and the United States.  ALL those who use any form of telecommunications whether BELL or especially BELL's competitors are asked to provide a copy of this link to their service providers.  Competitors will see EVERYONE knows of this.
Thank you EVERYONE.

Some of you might want to read or repost the page on this link.