Canadian Tire or Canadian Liar?      Are they helping Canadians or not?

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Nearly a decade ago; Canadian Tire tried and used some illegal tactics to try forcing my company out of the market.  They used one of their corporate buddies to flood the market with a cheep knock-off.  Almost every Canadian Tire store stocked it!

The long and short of it is that I fought Canadian Tire and posted the evidence online.  I still have digital proof of their corruption plus the evidence of Canadian Tire stores stocking the knock-off.

A year or more ago, Stuart Reid a buyer for Canadian Tire called in acting like a big shot.  His words: "Do you want Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw in a few stores or in 500 stores?".  So like most CANADIAN COMPANIES that employ CANADIANS, we tried to work with Stuart Reid upon his request.

Stuart Reid failed to return almost every email and every call.  I'd have to say that Canadian Tire failed!!!

Last night April 19/2018, at 8:11pm EST I received an email from Stuart Reid - Canadian Tire.  It threatened legal action if I had an reference to Canadian Tire on my company website.  Now is that Canadian Tire helping Canadian Companies!!!

Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw is not good enough for Canadian Tire Stores but the illegal knock-off was good enough and Canadian Tire flooded its stores with it.

And that is Canadian Tire helping Canadian consumers~!!!

Canadian Tire must realize that without Canadian consumers it doesn't exist and nor do you Stuart Reid.

Not everyone bows down to Canadian Tire.

When Canadian Tire is willing man up and do the right thing, they can call me.  I'll sell my product to them.

Please Play and then Re-Post our Radio Commercial heard everywhere. 

This will save honest hard working people like yourself from wasting time and money at Canadian Tire.

Woodsmans  International