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We supply great stores everywhere.  Stores that pay their bills.
Those stores include, Home Hardware Stores, Canadian Tire Stores, Emco and other plumbing Stores, Co-op Stores, Rona Stores, and dozens of others.
We do not supply stores billing to head offices.  Sadly: a few of the over advertised head offices do not pay their accounts.  So we don't supply them.

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Another Endorsement

Home Owner Alert

Bald or Going Bald ?   You need "Hair's The Difference"


BANKRUPTCY - Non-Payment Notice to all Vendor/Suppliers.  These companies intentionally do not pay: Due and Past Due accounts !

The Head Offices of: Home Hardware & Canadian Tire are; "Deceptive Law Breaking Scum Bags that, can not be trusted !
Neither pay their accounts, and coincidently my website is repeatedly attacked.
If you can not place your order, click here to send an email.  Thanks!

Both are GUILTY of insider trading and influence peddling.         Tous deux sont COUPABLES de delit d'initie et de trafic d'influence.

FAILLITE - avis de non-paiement a tous les vendeurs/fournisseurs. Ces entreprises ne paient pas intentionnellement : les comptes echus et en souffrance !

Les sieges sociaux de : Home Hardware & Canadian Tire sont; "Des sacs trompeurs qui enfreignent la loi, on ne peut pas leur faire confiance !
Ni l'un ni l'autre ne paient leurs comptes et, par coincidence, mon site Web est attaque a plusieurs reprises.
Si vous ne pouvez pas passer votre commande, cliquez ici pour envoyer un e-mail. Merci!


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