Here is the latest Home Hardware former employee endorsement.


January 10/2015
Hi, my name is Russell.
It’s Saturday and I just got off the phone with you guys.  Not many companies answer the phone on a Saturday.
The lady I spoke with was very kind and helpful. She knew her stuff when it came to plumbing.  
I love your product Liqui-Fire.
A few years ago I worked in a Home Hardware store.  Liqui-Fire would sell like it was candy.  I was hands on with our store customers and heard their feedback on Liqui-Fire first hand.  I had no hesitations in trying Liqui-Fire myself when my own pipes froze this month because everyone I had sold it to said it works the best.
I am sure Liqui-Fire will work for my frozen pipes as it did for all of our customers.
Thanks Liqui-Fire !
po######[email protected]
Russell C#####s
### Banner Avenue
North Bay Ontario P1A 1X7

Now that says just about all there is to say about thawing frozen drain pipes or frozen sewer pipes or frozen water pipes or frozen septic feed lines and tanks.


Thank you Russell C#####s



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