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Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw has never been
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Bald or going Bald ?? Then you need:   "Hair's The Difference"

* Canada, BILL C-45:  Legal Notice to Canadian Retailers *
Details at:
Canadian Syndicate Crime
    -    Release Notes & Release Date

Due to any or all of the terms named herein: Woodsmans International officially announced, and suspends,
all delivery and billing of goods, to and/or through, the corporate head offices named herein. 
(Terms listed below)

This suspension affects only the Head Offices and warehouses named herein:

- Canadian  Tire  Stores

- Home  Hardware  Stores  Limited, aka: Alliance International LLC.

- Federated Co-operative Limited, aka: FCL

- Recochem Inc.

TERMS: corporate fraud, insider trading, accounting fraud & abuse, falsified accounting and intentional manipulation and/or misrepresentation of Billing Services,
 deliberately falsified information: including payments, and the violations of Free Trade Laws.

Approved for disbursement to: social media, media, courts, and to all: retailers, all vendor suppliers, all manufactures, and market participants, etc.

Canada, BILL C-45  A corporation is guilty of a crime if its �directing mind� committed the
prohibited act and had the necessary state of mind. To be a �directing mind�, a person
must have so much authority in the corporation that the person can be considered the
�alter ego� or �soul� of the corporation (terms used in recent case law). Determining
who is a directing mind depends on the facts of each case, but generally the person must
have authority to set policy rather than simply having authority to manage. As well, the
directing mind has to be intending, at least in part, to benefit the corporation by the crime.

Email your plaintiff inclusion submission for pending Class Action Suite to: [email protected]

Watch for future details of the pending criminal investigation and tentative charges.

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