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It is extremely easy to determine that my losses, caused by Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC: clearly exceed; $100,000,000.00 without any doubt.
Detailed reference below.

Woodsmans International and Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw are for sale: $250 million FIRM.

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* NOTE *  all parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty by jurors, in a court of law.
Question: How many Canadian Tire Store Owners, and/or the siblings thereof: now own a Home Hardware Store ?
20 ?        50 ?        or more than 100 ?        You will be surprised !

To all readers: remember that no person or persons mentioned: within this webpage and or any other webpage; have been found guilty, of violations of: Canada's Bill C-45, and/or The Canadian Competition Act.
        - all parties are assumed to be innocent, until proven guilty.
        - furthermore: are my opinions, formed directly from my experiences from those mentioned within.
        - furthermore: at no time; has any attempt been made; to extort money, from any person and/or corporation named herein.  If I did have a demand, it would be that the involved companies discharge these alleged criminals without benefits or pensions of any kind.

LEGAL  QUESTION *  Are: retail store owners: GUILTY of profiting from, the proceeds of a criminal activity: if they know that, product they ordered and sold, of which the store owner has knowledge that Head Office, has refused to pay, the store owner's account?
        The law clearly states: that no person, shall profit from a crime and/or participation, in a criminal act.  Are retail store owners, their store, residence, and any or all of the store owners wealth and properties and wealth, subject to being forfeited ?

Media has been contacted.
Social Media awareness is rapidly growing.

1 - The first time about 20 years ago: Home Hardware Stores sold in the range of between $250,000.00 - $500,000.00.

References for #1:
- The exact date referring to year are substantiated but the Home Hardware national sales flyers.  As is the Canadian Tire listing for: Recochem's Pipe Thaw.
- sales are combined sales via Home Hardware Stores Limited plus: direct sales to Home Hardware Stores.

2 - Damages caused by: Canadian Tire occurred in the same time frame as they are part of: Canada Syndicate Crime.

* Woodsmans International sustained approximate losses caused by: these companies plus from: the caused by the influence peddling of these companies, are estimated to be greater than: $20,000,000.00, or Twenty Million Dollars.
* Plus Even greater losses, or: Influenced Losses at:
    - Canadian Tire
    - RONA
    - True Value
    - PRO Hardware
    - Timber Mart
    - ACE
    - Coop Stores
    - BMR Stores
    - Kent Stores
    - Lowes
    - ETC
    - ETC
    - ETC
    - USA influenced losses
    - Europe influenced losses
    - ETC
    - ETC
    - ETC

Home Hardware Stores is a: CANADIAN ONLY franchise of stores.  But the substantially larger franchises in other countries are huge in comparison.  American franchises, with 5-10 THOUSAND STORES
It is extremely easy to determine that my losses, caused by Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC: clearly exceed; $100,000,000.00 without any doubt.

    - Reference to those losses: most international business owners are highly educated with degrees in business and law.  I am self-taught.
    - Home Hardware Stores boasts over 600,000 vendor suppliers.
            - How many lost substantially more?
            - How many never recovered?
            - How many divorces and/or family divides did it cause?
            - How many men, women, and/or children, committed suicides directly relate to the actions of Home Hardware?
Home Hardware used to advertise on radio and television: "Help is close to Home".  Who needs that kind of help?
Do Home Hardware Store Owners accept theft?  Those store owners who do not accept stealing: still order and stock, Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.  Those who accept stealing do not.

    These are questions of which, the answers will never be known.

    My uneducated speculative criminal dollar value gained by those mentioned, might be substantially higher than: one billion dollars over a decade or two ?   Who stole this money ?

I expect I will receive email from, those who directed and/or orchestrated the crimes against Woodsmans International.  People such as, but not limited to those named herein:

- Ray Gabel - HH
- Steve Sommersford - HH
- Scwartzenstruber - HH
- Audrey Accounts Payable - HH
- Janice Beraro - HH Vendor Support Representative
- Stuart Reid - CTC

Those are the people that allegedly have directing and/or directly involved with these criminal crimes, as outlined in: Canada's Bill C-45.

Release Date: by March 1st 2023, these issues must be amicably resolved.
Woodsmans International will offer these companies, and the individuals from these companies, that were directly controlling this crime, to immediately stop and reverse the multiple criminal attacks, detailed in: Canada's Bill C-45, or face the outcome of an: RCMP, criminal fraud investigation, and the possibility of criminal charges and prison sentencing.

Communications and written apologies, must be received prior to March 1 2023, via email to: [email protected]

Parties included above are:

- Canadian  Tire  Stores

- Home  Hardware  Stores  Limited, aka: Alliance International LLC.

- Federated Co-operative Limited, aka: FCL

- Recochem Inc.

Canadian Tire Stores,Home Hardware Stores Limited,Alliance International LLC.,Federated Co-operative Limited,FCL,Recochem Inc.

For the Television/Movie Industry

“Christmas Satan Claus”
© Copyright February 18, 2023

Brought to life by: Home Hardware & Canadian Tire
“Do not play the background Jingles of: Home Hardware’s very own: Home of the Handyman, and Hell is close to Home”.

Once upon a time, 2 heads of 2 different franchise companies met during an importers meeting.  Both of these men were amongst the most powerful forces of their respective companies.  Both company store employees wore red shirts that nearly matched at the time.  The vibrant red colour was highly recognizable.  Almost as recognizable as Santa Claus himself.

We’ll call these men, or these 2 Santa Clauses: Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb.

They had a late lunch together.  At first it was small talk about this and that.  Before long and after talking a few drinks, the conversation turned to money.  The event they were attending accumulated over a billion dollars of purchases.

Pay said to Rubert how nice it would be to have a company that was making a share of that money.  Several lunches and dinners later, the 2 men had devised a plan to open a “Shell Company” together.

Because the 2 companies both wore red, they decided to call their new partnership company: North Pole Enterprises.

During these lunches and dinners, together they refined their plans.

Because both Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb were powerful forces within their respective companies, the plan unfolded rapidly before them.  Together they set their plan in action.

They instructed those beneath them to collect information and sales data of smaller vendor/supplier companies.  The companies of great interest to them were small manufacturers with niche products.

They befriended these companies sales but never did it directly themselves.

Niche products were brought into the vendor/supplier chains of the 2 companies so that the small manufacturer’s sales grew.  However: the small manufacturers now had no idea what stores were purchasing their wares and hardline goods.  The small manufactures would market their product and some would proudly boast that their goods were in all franchise companies due to power & influence.

The sales grew substantially more rapid because of the dedication of these small manufacturers’ market campaigns which were continuous and well established online with great consumer awareness.

When the number of sales represented large amounts of sales money: Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb initiated their planned strategies.  They had insider trading companies manufacture predictable volumes of knock-off products from the former vendor/suppliers.

Instantly: Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb, listed their partnered “Shell Companies” knock-offs.  It was easy.  Both men being highly powerful influential people within their respective franchises, were able to see that their Shell Companies” knock-offs were in every franchise of the industry.  Their wealth grew increasingly rapid.  Vast pools of money came pouring in, while small vendor/suppliers lost their businesses, one by one.

Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb became so brazen that they would often use the former vendor/supplier sku numbers and photos within their companies’ product listings.  They could show the highly recognized product of the vendor/suppliers and simply state: “Discontinued by Manufacturer.  Use SKU number “X”.  “X” being the SKU number of their “Shell Companies” knock-offs.

For Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb it was Christmas each and every day that their franchise stores were open, as these men were richly rewarding themselves while making enormous money by the franchises they represented.  Many considered them to be Giants amongst their industry colleagues and peers.

But one day: David, a small former vendor/supplier became aware that Pay & Rubert had done it to him.  It nearly drove him to bankruptcy.  But David was wise.  He took photos of the store computers for these franchises.  David posted the photos online.  The photos showed clearly how Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb were breaking the laws of the Competition Act, as well as Canada’s Bill C-45.

This Christmas both Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb and their associate insider trading partners such as: Peacoram, etc. will receive lumps of coal.  Their once boastful and proud photos will be tarnished. Blackend by the mountains of coal that will come pouring in from numerous of former vendor/suppliers.

But blackened and tarnished even more, is the public conception of integrity and trust of the retail stores of these nationally recognized franchises.  For some vendor/suppliers, the famed and highly marketed slogan: Here’s How!” is forever change to Pay Now!.  Many vendor/suppliers to these Nationally advertised Corporate Giants will no longer agree to net 30.

A quick method to know indisputably if a retail store supports justice or supports the crime of theft, is to simply ask the retail store owner if they carry Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.  Of not, then either winter does not exist in the surrounding rural areas of Canada, or: that retail store owner supports THEFT.

Get to know the real integrity of your local Retail Store Owner, and their beliefs.  Just ask.

And that my friend, is the true story of: “Christmas Satan Claus”

* NOTE *
- To all readers: this is merely a draft outline my life experiences with the parties named herein: and is a draft outline; to be presented, to producers within the movie making industry, as just another Christmas movie thriller.
- Names have been changed to protect the innocence of the real: Pay Bagel and Rubert Stieb and Peacoram.
- “Shell Companies” knock-offs: are too many to list if all were uncovered by a criminal investigation.
- no false statements nor slanderous remarks, or character assassinations were made nor implied.
- only known truths, and speculations of how these truths came to be.
- this are my private thoughts and opinions, of which I am legally entitled to express.

* NOTE *  all parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty by jurors, in a court of law.
Question: How many Canadian Tire Store Owners, and/or the siblings thereof: now own a Home Hardware Store ?
20 ?        50 ?        or more than 100 ?        You will be surprised !

The End



Stop your bull shit, stop your stealing, and lets work together.  My plan to save Planet Earth would make both these named fanchises:  BILLIONS of DOLLARS  ANNUALLY.  ANNUALLY. above and beyond your existing annual sales.

It is possible to change Our Domed Planet Earth.

Domed you ask?  What do I know?

My qualifications are:
- I have observed weather directly for over 3 decades.
- I have new technology and systems that will greatly change the devastation of wildfires, record low water tables in the Colorado water basin, etc, etc, etc.  But sooner is not soon enough !  Later: does not exist !
- I would rather help any and all major corporations with major efforts to save Planet Earth from certain obliteration.
- I am ready to start immediately.  IF these corporations assist without making profits, then I will work without remuneration except for any and all daily expenses.

This is it everyone.  Put an egg in your microwave and leave it on continuously: or; put ice in your microwave and leave it on continuously.  G5 encompassed Planet Earth in the largest most high powered microwave of all time.

Notice that the shell of an egg is relatively the same thickness of the crust of our planet !

When you heat anything: the warmest area will begin to show fatigue fractures first.
Below chart is dated: March 3-2023  -  REF:  https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/earthquakes/today.html

The article below is from: The Washington Post.  However: the title is incorrect!  It is not a disruption, it is the begging of OUR END.  The end of our exploded Planet Earth.

A polar vortex disruption is underway. What it means is up in the air. (msn.com)


March 2nd 2023:  " News: India Today"  Experts are baffled as to why Turkey is having so many repetitive earth quakes?  Put an egg in your continuously running microwave.  What do you think G-5 is?  The world's largest and most powerful microwave.  Capable of moving the magnetic north.  Heat up anything in record time with G-5.  Cook the people and the planet simultaneously.


If you found this to be eye opening for you, then you will probably enjoy reading:  Canadian Syndicate Crime

To all Vendor / Suppliers

Stand your ground and be pro-active !

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