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I will never forget being told to my face by Home Hardware: "When you play with the Big Boys, you play by Big Boys Rules.  There are none".

Death Threats were made to me.   HERE's  HOW!
First Home Hardware became financially unable to pay vendors and suppliers.  So I posted it online.
But prior to this: Home Hardware's Ray Gabel stated: my products will never sell anywhere again.
  Then email was blocked: both to and from retail stores and my company, by the involved parties.
Canadian Tire's Stuart Reid followed suite, followed by anonymous calls from Recochem.  These 3 corporations and others whom they influenced, took part in harassment, and trying to crush my business.
When you and your "Inside Traders", control and influence ALL the Retail Sellers: through vast networks; jointly, Pride & Power become Greed and Arrogance!
To knock down their arrogance: Postal flyers targeting store postal codes are arriving
soon !

My Life Insurance and Safety Policy:
A number of international parties: untraceable via my digital footprint and my devices have secure possession of this and more information.  They hold specific instructions and actions, to be preformed, in the event of my death.  They are unknown to, the corporate criminals detailed on this website, and those whom are not.  Like Stuart Reid, Steve Somersford, Ray Gabel, and more.
In the event of my untimely death, and/or not dying of natural causes: those details will be made public around the world.

Thousands of Notifications are sent daily to: World Trade Organization Members; and will continue until this is resolved.
    Resolve below in email exchange.


On May 27/2023, Norton Rose Fulbright Law: received this email.
Poised and awaiting the placement of various initiatives and conditions, numerous organizations are poised to strike, capturing Canadian Tire control.

These are the mighty and powerful members of world trade.

This was initiated by Home Hardware's Involvement with Canadian Tire, Recochem, and numerous others: when collectively trade laws were maliciously violated.  Arrogance and sloppiness caused their exposure.

Several of the involved parties, insider traders, and thousands of members of: World Trade Organization (WTO), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), are being contacted.  Ultimately: corporate bonds will be severed, as legal issues circulate, and the 1,100 stores of Home Hardware will commence banner affiliation change.

These parties were the first to be notified: news networks (television and online), Home Hardware Stores Ltd, Canadian Tire Stores, Recochem, Alliance International LLC, and Norton Rose Fulbright, legal consel for Home Hardware.

Details are found online at: https://woodsmansinternational.com/canadian_syndicate_crime.htm

Those named, know that I won't back down regardless of their bullying intimidating tactics.  I will be compensated for real damages caused solely by their crimes.  June 1st awaits.


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Everyone is eligible to be drawn!  Including those we proudly support, and those we don't support.  And even those listed below!

There will be a number right here.   0,015  That number will be the number of Home Hardware 1,100 Store Owners, that agree with Alliance International LLC and/or Home Hardware Stores Ltd, breaking Federal Law.  If you want their names to appear, I can provide those on here.

My email exchange with Norton Rose Fulbright Law

This is a copy of the email sent to Norton Rose Fulbright Law.  20 years or so ago: Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC had another law firm send me similar legal documents.  They first faxed approximately 120 pages of legal mumbo jumbo.  Purolator had been waiting in the parking lot.  Upon the final page being received by fax: Purolator was notified to deliver a package to me that required my signature.  It was the same mumbo jumbo.

I looked at the foolish document, only to find the name of the arrogant lawyer, and his direct line.

I called.  His personal whatever asked my name, then told me that the arrogant lawyer was expecting my call.

Immediately: he began to spiel off numerous demands; including the removal of any and all reference to the aforementioned parties, plus to send them a written formal apology.

He then suggested that 24 hours was sufficient time to complete his demands.

I told him, "Take me to court!" then hung up on the arrogant lawyer.

I made it absolutely indisputably clear, that I have numerous new products, and new product technologies, that would sell world wide into the housing and consumer sects.  Initially: I would have considered presenting these to Alliance International LLC and/or Home Hardware Stores LTD.  However: from my learned experiences; I would demand an upfront signed contract stating: that I partner with the aforementioned, upon receiving $10,000,000.00  and 2 percent of world sales on each of my technologies and/or new products.  This was spoken face to face, but these technologies were never released verbally nor in written form.  Reason being: trustworthiness.  The the ten million up front and the 2 percent royalty prior to disclosure of technologies that are capable of generating billions per year, year after year.  That is a lot of money for such a cheap frontal fee from someone that has proven sales against all odds and attempts by HH to cause my collapse.
PLUS:  The aforementioned controls its server and email server for @homehardware.ca and possibly several others for HH Stores.  So: HH can prevent email from being received, as well as from being sent through those accounts.
[email protected], claimed to never had received invoice stating: "Bill to" [email protected], meaning the invoice clearly showed as invoices had for decades, that the Head Office was paying the Retail Store Owner's invoice.  However: HH proved that they were intentionally not paying months and years after: I changed it to BILL to:  "STORE" and included in the invoice, that:  Alliance International LLC and/or Home Hardware Store Ltd, was deliberately not paying, NOW DUE, and: PAST DUE invoices.  At that time: the aforementioned did: write the store owner an explanation that it (the aforementioned) did not pay the invoice because, the invoice received had been changed, months and years later; to: BILL to: STORE.

The aforementioned switched online store information, from showing fax numbers, to email store.  Faxes are not able to be controlled by the aforementioned: but email can be.  Email can be intentionally blocked, or auto-redirected, etc.  The digital world knows that.

However: I also received a copy of that exact email; proving indisputably that: Alliance International LLC and/or Home Hardware Stores Ltd; were knowingly intentionally violating Federal Law.



I told Norton Rose Fulbright Law, with its 7,100 staff, to basically do the same thing, via the email exchange seen below.

< < <  COPY  START  > > >

From: Order Liqui-Fire Gmail [email protected]
To: Andrew McCoomb (he/him) [email protected]
4/27/2023, 12:20 PM
Re: Woodsmans International defamation of Home Hardware [NRFC-EDMRS.FID13849224]

Re: Woodsmans International defamation of Home Hardware [NRFC-EDMRS.FID13849224]
Order Liqui-Fire Gmail [email protected]
4/27/2023, 12:20 PM
"Andrew McCoomb (he/him)" [email protected]

Home Hardware Stores Ltd and/or Alliance International LLC computers showing digitally that: Liqui-Fire was discontinued by the manufacturer, which is a false statement to sellers; then instructed sellers to use a sku that was provided to an "Insider Trading Partner".  Those are facts.

The "Corruption Charges shown on the invoices on my website, are charges that are of corruption, determined by myself, to be direct violations to the law.

I told their previously law firm to take me to court.  Neither of the multiple companies did.

I am wiling to sell the parties you represent my company, website, product, and associated information, to your clients for: a quarter billion dollars.

So unless you are in need of my law firm, to present a cheque, then there is nothing to discuss.


On 4/27/2023 12:09 PM, Andrew McCoomb (he/him) wrote:

Mr. Bobiash,

My assistant forwarded your response to me. For your ease of review, I have copied the text of my letter below:

We are litigation counsel to Home Hardware.

Our client has brought to our attention your emails sent to various Home Hardware dealers on April 20, 2023 with the subject line “Is Home Hardware Stores LTD filing for Bankruptcy?” In your email, you include a link to your website at https://woodsmansinternational.com/homehardwarescrimes.htm.

Your website makes numerous false and defamatory statements about Home Hardware and certain of its former personnel, all of which appear to be designed to cause Home Hardware reputational damage as part of your effort to recover alleged losses stemming from Home Hardware’s decision not to carry your Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw product.

In particular, you allege that Home Hardware has committed criminal acts, including insider trading, corruption, theft and fraud. You claim that Home Hardware and its stores are operating a “crime syndicate” and that Home Hardware “might have caused other vendor/suppliers to declare bankruptcy, or be nearly there without knowing Home Hardware Corruption is behind it.” The slanderous commentary is extensive and there is no need to identify every statement in this letter – the clear purpose of your website is to damage Home Hardware’s brand as a means of trying to intimidate the company into buying your product, which it has no obligation at law to do.

Home Hardware cannot allow you to continue this vindictive campaign of brand damage. The fact is that the company has done nothing to cause you any harm, and you need to move on from whatever you believe happened.

We require you to do the following immediately:

1. Cease and desist having any contact with any employees, agents, officers, directors or other people affiliated with Home Hardware or any of its stores; and

2. Permanently shut down any website(s) under your control referring to Home Hardware in any manner whatsoever.

If you fail to do either of (1) or (2) above, we expect to receive instructions forthwith to commence a legal action against you seeking the immediate cessation of all defamatory activity and damages on the highest possible scale.

Yours very truly,

Andrew McCoomb

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP / S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.
222 Bay Street, Suite 3000, P.O. Box 53, Toronto ON M5K 1E7 Canada

T: +1 416.216.4039  |  F: +1 416.216.3930

[email protected]



From: Order Liqui-Fire Gmail <[email protected]>
Sent: April 27, 2023 12:02 PM
To: Sue Khamvongsa (she/her) <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Woodsmans International defamation of Home Hardware [NRFC-EDMRS.FID13849224]

Yes: I am well aware of Home Hardware Stores Ltd, and/or Alliance International LLC, intentional defamation of my company's character.

However: I currently have no intention for suing either of the aforementioned.

Please be advised that we do not open any email attachments received: nor do we answer unidentifiable telephone calls.



On 4/27/2023 10:44 AM, Sue Khamvongsa (she/her) wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please see the attached correspondence sent on behalf of Andrew McCoomb.
Best regards,
Sue Khamvongsa (she/her)
Legal Assistant to Andrew McCoomb | Robin Cardillo | Lauren Rennie | Katarina Wasielewski
Team Coordinator for Litigation Team 1
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP / S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.
222 Bay Street, Suite 3000, P.O. Box 53, Toronto ON M5K 1E7 Canada

T: +1 416.216.1909 | M: 416.456.6226 | F: +1 416.216.3930

[email protected]


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Confidentiality notice
This email is confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient please notify the sender immediately and delete it.

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To all Vendor / Suppliers

Stand your ground and be pro-active !

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