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To all Vendor / Suppliers

Stand your ground and be pro-active !


To ALL Vendor/Suppliers of: Home Hardware Stores LTD. and/or Alliance International LLC.   Please beware that the aforementioned, appears incapable of paying its accounts!

Indisputable FACT:
On: Canadian Syndicate Criminals notes and release date; then click on:  UPDATE  EMERGENCY, I made it absolutely clear, that I could generate:
"BILLIONS of DOLLARS  ANNUALLY": in new, non-existing revenue streams; for Home Hardware Stores Ltd and/or Alliance International LLC.
For twenty years, the aforementioned did everything, both legally and illegally, to collapse and destroy, just one product, and they failed.

The proof that, Home Hardware Stores Ltd and/or Alliance International LLC, care more about the "Public Image" then items that "Home Hardware Stores and Store Owners" can make money selling, is indisputably evident, as proven by its second legal .
The indisputable evidence is that: the aforementioned; threatened legal action yet again, for: "Character Defamation" by hiring Norton Rose Fulbright Law.
If the aforementioned acted on what they proudly portray as: "Independent Stores", then focus would be on finding more new products to increase, "Independent Store Owner's Revenues".

My opinion is that: the above are not adding to the economy, but instead: are trying to use any and all methods possible to collapse other businesses.

Does anyone know if: Home Hardware, the aforementioned is filing for Bankruptcy ?  [email protected]  is not paying.  Is that not a legal action enabling Court imposed Bankruptcy and Insolvency under a Federal Act ?

It is extremely easy to determine that my losses, caused by Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC: clearly exceed; $100,000,000.00 without any doubt.  Now multiply this times 20 years, and 20 years of influence peddling.
Detailed Reference on: 
Canadian Syndicate Criminals notes and release date

Woodsmans International and Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw are for sale: $250 million FIRM.  I assume that since Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC have acquired the services of: NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT LAW , to suit me for "Character Defamation", that possibly they will be handling the sale and purchase of my company on behalf of their client ?  Possibly ?  Click here for details.

ALSO: several Home Hardware Store Owners have voluntarily paid their accounts.  One however simply wrote: "STOP"  Does that mean that not all, are in favour of Head Office ?

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National and International Sports Leagues and Teams desire and promote, equality and fairness to their audience.  They don't intend to associate their fans with Corrupt and Self-Righteous Greedy Cults.  Perhaps these businesses can reach [email protected]    I encourage minor leagues and player, and their fan base to email and inquire about this.  Email your Sports Associations, Home Hardware intentionally misleads its retail stores and the public.

How Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC respect and treat vendor/suppliers, and its Store Owners.
This information is public and on numerous websites.


Welcome to the "Home  Hardware  Crimes".

Most of you probably know of Home Hardware being that they bombard our televisions with advertising.  Especially during sporting events: such as yesterday's Blue Jays Home Opener at home in the newly renovated stadium.  You see the Home Hardware commercials constantly telling us that Home Hardware is a proud sponsor of the Toronto Blue Jays, and a proud sponsor of this team and that team and more crap about how PROUD Home Hardware is.

You know the television commercials.  Every store owner smiling and being instructed to appear happy and friendly: so they appear like you and the everyday consumer.
On that note: the commercial shows a smiling French Canadian Store Owner's personal photo.  Then it shows a map of Canada showing the Quebec Store Owner's photo in far western Canada.  That shows you the attention that Home Hardware pays to understanding Canada, and in particular: Canadian Law.
All of those smiling Home Hardware Store Owners remind me of: "Smiling Faces Sometimes".  Well those smiling faces at Home Hardware Head Office match the words to that song lyric.
Don't let their handshake and their smiles fool you.  Take my advice, their only trying to *screw* you. ,,, Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof.  Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes.  I know that *screw* in Home Hardware Head Office is more literally appropriate.

For all Home Hardware Store Owners - this is a quick thought that I didn't want to forget.  The son of a FORMER Home Hardware Building Center now a Proud Rona Store Building Center Owner, called me.  He wanted to buy product without having an account.  He told me who he was and enlightened me on his Home Hardware Head Office experience.  He told me that his son invented the "Natura Cloth".  They flew to St. Jacobs.  Presented their product and sales information.  Left Home Hardware Head Office believing they had struck a deal.  Home Hardware Head Office released the "Natura Cloth".  The Home Hardware Building Center Store Owner got screwed.  *his words*
Then became a Proud RONA Building Center Store Owner.  Many of you probably met him and his son at the spring and fall markets in St. Jacobs.

You can call him and he will verify the tactics, the smiles, and the handshake by Home Hardware Head Office.  He doesn't hide the truth, nor the experience.  If you need his telephone number, ask Ray Gabel.

Here you will be able to learn of the various corrupt businesses in Canada which violate law liberally, and with no regard for others, nor the law.

The crime itself is not visible to the public.  The Insider Trading Crime is conducted by the internal crime syndicate on the computer systems.  They control every product on every "alleged independently owned store".  By having complete computer system control, the Crime Syndicate can, and does, deny or allow, and and all products to be sold within that consortium of "alleged independently owned stores."  It is not the choice of the independent store owner.

Furthermore: the Crime Syndicate can see which stock, any and all "independently owned store" is selling.  The Crime Syndicate can now change the settings in that independent store to cause success of failure of: any product whatsoever.

Inside Trading Controls & Actions, that dictate which commodity will thrive, and which commodity will fail:  That is Criminal.  That's Home Hardware.  That's Canadian Tire.  That's Federated Co-operatives LTD.

The above is the basis of the Crime Syndicate's activities and influence peddling.  Never does the public see it.

When sales slow down place the names of all retail store owners, who can be implicated and charged with criminal activity.  If proven in a court of law.  The names on this page have proven beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise, to have knowingly violated the law.  The public can judge for themselves as to guilty or innocent by the evidence provided herein.

Copies of the Past Due Invoices: showing all information contained therein; will be posted with the, new: "Corruption Charge", clearly visible if the "Past Due Total" owed.
$10,000.00 is an extremely small charge relevent to the annual billions made.

Previously online, Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC boasted nearly $8 billion annual revenue, now showing as less, even though Home Hardware went from under 500 stores, to over 700 stores, to over 900 stores, and now boasting over 1,100 stores.  CRA might want to check the accounting on that?

Courts can be bought.  Public opinion can not be bought.

Back to: Canadian Syndicate Crime


Hello HOME  HARDWARE:  Welcome to your "Wall  of  Public  Shame"
And Hello to Corrupt Home Hardware Store Owners:  The stores that know of and support non-payment of their unpaid invoices.  You shame the Home Hardware Store Owners who pay their accounts.

The "Wall of Public Shame" was created to show which Retail Store Owners knowingly participate in THEFT.  Theft as detailed in Canadian Law.
The Canadian Competition Act.
Canada's Bill C-45.
Consumer Fraud Act
Etc etc etc

Store Owners: this is your shame.  You did it.  You own it.  And now, the world will truly know you and your values.

All invoices that were PAST DUE, and were deliberately not paid, will now show our: Corruption Charge Fee.

It will appear on your adjusted invoice as being:
1  that number will show up in RED, on everyone of your deliberately non-paid invoices.
Next to the right of it will show what the number "1" is.
The product will be indentified as: Corruption Charge.  It also will show in RED.
 As it is a payment that you now owe: it will be taxed accordingly as was your invoice.
Thank you in advance for showing your values.  Trust, Honesty, Communication, & Paying for what you ordered, received, sold, and owe, Is our values.

Below is the original as first created and emailed & faxed to both the retail Store and as well to Alliance International LLC.
These were sent to the EXACT same email addresses as all previously paid, and post paid invoices were sent to.

Lisa Rockburn: Your PAST DUE invoice can no longer be paid as in the past.
You can pay your new invoice with the $10,000.00 Corruption Charge will appear, directly below your original invoice,
Alliance Interantional LLC aka Home Hardware Stores Ltd will have to pay your new invoice with their  $100,000.00  Corruption  Charge.
Corruption Charges were added as both your Head Office and you yourself, knowingly and deliberately violated the law.  Head Office has done so on multiple Past Due Invoices, and some stores paid on their own with honour.

HOME  HARDWARE  "Here's How!"   Vendor/Supplies say:  HOME  HARDWARE  "Pay Now!"

$10.000.00 to you Lisa Rockburn, and $100,000.00 to Home Hardwar Head Office is certainly better than: "Time in a Federal Prison".
Once our invoicing system has been modified to show: "Corruption Charge", then it will appear similar to the programmer/coder draft seen below.  And the Corruption Charge will be adding into your new Sub Total.

PLEASE NOTE: invoices showing the Corruption Charge will be removed upon the following conditions.
Your apology first both in written for to Woodsmans International via Letter Mail.
Second: after your invoice is Paid.
And thirdly: once you have conducted legal purchases at the identical rate of your former purchases.
Here is a helpful tip for those who were charged the Corruption Charge.  Send it to Alliance International LLC to pay it.

Only then, will you have redeemed yourself, by restoring your wrong doing.

HOME  HARDWARE  "Here's How!"   Vendor/Supplies say:  HOME  HARDWARE  "Pay Now!"

HOME  HARDWARE  "Here's How!"   Vendor/Supplies say:  HOME  HARDWARE  "Pay Now!"

HOME  HARDWARE  "Here's How!"   Vendor/Supplies say:  HOME  HARDWARE  "Pay Now!"

HOME  HARDWARE  "Here's How!"   Vendor/Supplies say:  HOME  HARDWARE  "Pay Now!"  We know kids learn from example.  So kids, if you want the world to be a better place, do not

Due to the deliberate NON-PAYMENTS of your accounts, by both Yourself: Lisa Rockburn, and by: Alliance International LLC, our CORRUPTION CHARGE FEES have been added to each of your DELIBERATELY UNPAID ACCOUNTS.
Payment in FULL is due.

Home Hardware might have caused other vendor/suppliers to declare bankruptcy, or be nearly there without knowing Home Hardware Corruption is behind it.  To all vendor/suppliers: examine you Home Hardware Now Due and Past Due invoices, before you face financial issues.

Home Hardware: there are a lot more Past Due Invoices that will be appearing soon.  Do not be surprised to see other vendor/suppliers Past Due Invoices begin to appear.

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