2018 - 2019  Retailer  Pricing

The current 2018 - 2019  winter season retailer pricing is as follows:

Retailers that Pre-Pay an order are rewarded as there is no receivable.  Pre-Paid Orders cost the retailer $1.00 less per bottle.

Liqui-Fire is available with FREE expedited ground shipping anywhere in North America.  ( Canada and the United States )

Liqui-Fire is available in a 12 bottle box.


* Pre-Paid Pricing  2018 - 2019 Winter Season

A Pre-Paid 12 bottle box at $17.99 per bottle or $215.88 landed plus applicable tax.

Purchase order pricing add $1.00 per bottle.


* Purchase Order Pricing  2018 - 2019 Winter Season

A Purchase Order 12 bottle box at $18.99 per bottle or $227.88 landed plus applicable tax.

Pre-Paid order pricing saves $1.00 per bottle.



We are the manufacturer.

You do NOT require an account.

We ship directly to you at our cost via UPS.

We prefer you Pre-Pay to save on your cost and increase your profit margin.

You can pay us directly to avoid up charges from your head office.

We are charged 5% for handling an invoice by head offices.

Most of you are charged 2-4% by your head office for handling your invoice.

That is 9% Total charged and paid by you and by us.


Liqui-Fire has now been 28 years on the market.

Liqui-Fire is safe to use in frozen water pipes and works well in any drain, sewer, or septic pipe.

Liqui-Fire does NOT work in septic beds or septic fields as it will leak and escape the inside of any pipe at the first available hole or opening.


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