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My pipes are frozen what can I do 

An Actual Email


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On January/14/2013 4:24 AM, Robert Rozon wrote:

Can I use it in standing water? I live in a mobile home in Saskatoon, SK and the ensuite bath won't drain, tub, sink or toilet, and when I run the water in kitchen it ends up in the tub. I have tried a snake etc with no luck. Only drain backed up is the tub. I need help, please.


R A Rozon  -- Robert Rozon


* * * RESPONSE * * *


January/14/2014 9:12AM - Hello Robert Rozon,

Yes, Liqui-Fire will go through standing water.  Liqui-Fire is non-toxic with a specific gravity that is heavier than water.

As for help, be certain that Liqui-Fire is not sitting in the trap.  It must go beyond the trap itself to thaw the frozen section of pipe.  Some users have informed us that they heated it in a microwave prior to using our Liqui-Fire.

If you chose to heat the product be aware that heated items can burn if they are too hot.

Woodsmans International        Customer Service Rep-004           T: (905) 373-0237           F: (905) 373-0735

My pipes are frozen what do I do

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On January/14/2013 10.55 AM, Robert Rozon wrote:

Thank you, how long would it take to get to Saskatoon, SK?

No hardware store sells it here.

R A Rozon  -- Robert Rozon

 My pipes are frozen what can I do

* * * RESPONSE * * *


January/14/2014 11:22AM -

Hi Robert Rozon,

To shorten your reading and this page... the customer was supplied a list of approximately a dozen stores in the greater Saskatoon area.  You may be able to acquire product at any of these locations if you are near them.  Robert Rozon was informed we ship Liqui-Fire every week day to both Canada & the USA.

It was then queried by the Woodsmans International Service Representative... I hope I have been of service to you.  Remember to shake the bottle vigorously before using.

Woodsmans International        Customer Service Rep-004           T: (905) 373-0237           F: (905) 373-0735

My pipes are frozen what do I do

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On January/16/2013 3.40 AM, Robert Rozon wrote:

I purchased 4 bottles from the Prince Albert Coop and they shipped it on the bus.

I poured 3 bottles down the vent stack, but no luck yet, still froze up.

How much do I need? I was really hoping this would solve my frozen drain problem.

I am very confused and VERY FRUSTRATED ........

R A Rozon  -- Robert Rozon


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January 16/2013 9:41am

Before we could send our response Robert Rozon wrote back.


* * * RESPONSE * * *


On January/16/2013 9.54 AM, Robert Rozon wrote:

I apologize to you, I woke up this morning and checked and it had done the job.  I am so grateful and will recommend your product to everyone I possibly can.

Liqui-Fire was a life saver for me.....thanks so much.

 My pipes are frozen what do I do

You can use my email as an endorsement.  I am amazed. This is one incredible product. Thanks so much!!!  R A Rozon -- Robert Rozon


Woodsmans International

T: (905) 373-0237

F: (905) 373-0735

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