The endorsements on this page are in no particular order.

These endorsements are from people who used Liqui-Fire for thawing frozen water pipes, thawing frozen drain pipes, thawing frozen sewer pipes, and for thawing frozen septic pipes.


EMAIL - Received February 11-2014, at 3:09: PM

This endorsement was a great surprise as to where it happened to be from.

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you VERY much for your product.
I haven't received my plumber's bill yet but I'm assuming several hundred dollars will cover it
and he never fixed the problem and suggested I wait until spring to have water.
I offered to switch house with him to see if that is an option still and he refused.
Water is very important and you only realize how much when you don't have it.
We were gone for a week and came back to frozen solid water main from the sand point to our mobile home.
I tried for a full week for hours on end to get the water running again but the idiot who installed the water
pipes on our property must have used all the 90deg elbows he had in his shop and therefore "steaming"
was not an option.
I was very sceptical about Liqui-Fire but I had basically 3 options.  Dig, wait until spring or Liqui-Fire.
So I tried the cheapest first.
I poured 3/4 of the bottle in the pipe ( couldn't fit more ) and went to bed (9PM) from exhaustion of trying
to fix the water for 6 days by now.
When I woke up at 8am I got dressed warm because it was -45 outside.
I went to the well house and plugged the Sandpoint pump and BAM HOUSTON WE HAVE WATER.
Words cannot even express how happy I am with your product.
I will recommend it to anyone who has frozen water problems or sewer for that matter.
That "shit" is awesome.
Oh and like the bottle says I did get lucky with liqui-fire, I had never seen my wife so happy to get water
Thank you very much
Customer Services Representative | Représentant des services à la clientèle
Housing Services Centre - Shilo  | Centre de services de logement - Shilo
Canadian Forces Housing Agency   | Agence de logements des Forces canadiennes
National Defence                 | Défense nationale


EMAIL - Received March-20-2014, at 13:40: PM

Mr. Douglas S. of Orleans Ontario Canada wrote:

Greetings Woodsmans International,

I received your product with thanks.  Last, night, given the long run of our frozen septic drain from the stable to the holding tank (over 20 metres) and the depth of the frost line, I used three containers of your product.

This morning, for the first time in months, it was open.

Drain-O products and others failed.  Your product worked in less than 12 hours. I poured it down, went to bed and this morning, it was open.

The mess is cleaned up. The place is all mopped and ready for the use of our clients.

We have a three piece bath in the stable and the clients will be grateful to have their shower, basin and toilet once again.

All things bright - Douglas S. - Orleans Ontario Canada


EMAIL - Received February 24-2014, at 10:36: AM

Hi, I used two bottles of Liqui-Fire on a frozen water supply line and it did the job. Use as directed and don't be in a hurry.  It saved me the expense of paying a plumber for a service call.

Thank you so much.  Marsha & Paul P. - Onaway Michigan USA


EMAIL - Received January 20-2014, at 10:19: AM

I have used this product twice at the cabin and I was absolutely amazed by it, with in a couple of hours it worked. I have recommended this product to many people. This year I had frozen up again and I had 1 liter left and it worked its magic again but mow I cannot find it anywhere in Saskatoon, Sask or where I picked it up before. I would like to get some so I can always have it available to me, Please help lol, thanks

Kevin L. - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada


EMAIL - Received March 4-2014: 2:29: PM

Good afternoon,

I had obtained some liquid-fire a few weeks ago from the Swift Current Pioneer Coop and was happy to say that in a little over a day it thawed my water line.  Unfortunately, I now have another frozen water line and the Pioneer Coop is out of Liqui-fire.

Can you give me a list of any retailers in Southern Saskatchewan that carry your product, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Brad - Swift Current Saskatchewan Canada


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