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Available in 2, 6, and 12 bottles per box
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Woodsmans International pays for  UPS  standard ground shipping on all North American orders.

Liqui-Fire - Retailer Sell Sheet and Support Literature


General Instructions for the following topics:

What can I do if my pipes are frozen Click here - Clique ici

My pipes are frozen what can I do?

What can I do if my sewer pipes frozen?    Click here - Clique ici

How to thaw frozen sewer pipes?

What can I do if my septic pipes frozen?    Click here - Clique ici

How to thaw frozen septic pipes?

What can I do if my drain pipes frozen?      Click here - Clique ici

How to thaw frozen drain pipes?

What can I do if my water pipes frozen?     Click here - Clique ici

How to thaw frozen water pipes


Please contact any of the stores in your area by clicking any of the links below then use their store locator.

You can also print this "Retail Store Information Sheet" and take it to the store to ensure you get Liqui-Fire.


*  Click on the links below and use the store locator to locate stores in your area.  *

Ask the store if it has Liqui-Fire and give them this BAR CODE: 4 58960 10004 7.

If it do not stock that number have them call: (905) 373-0237 and we'll ship it to them ASAP.

Liqui-Fire is sold in participating stores such as:

BMR Stores Home Hardware - Do-It-Best Stores - ACE Hardware - RONA - Castle - Hardware Hank Stores - Pro-Hardware - McMunn & Yates - Timber Mart Stores - TrueValue USA - CO-OP Stores - TrueValue Canada Canadian Tire - L&M Fleet Supply - EMCO Plumbing & Heating Supplies - ETC.

There are many other stores like Mercantile and Country Stores and Plumbing Supply Stores.

Woodsmans International pays for  UPS  standard ground shipping on all North American orders.


Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw is not recommended for use in weeping tile, septic fields, or driveway culvert pipes.  These systems either have holes intentionally or may have holes or leaking seems that allow Liqui-Fire to drain out of the pipe.

ALWAYS USE PROPER SAFETY  The use of safety glasses may sound silly to some but they are recommended. Drains that may have had a drain cleaner used in them can often burp. A sewer burp happens unexpectedly and without warning launching dangerous debris up out of a drain. This can cause serious personal injury.  Drains, sewers and septic pipes all release methane gas.  Methane gas is combustible so do not use an open flame while working on any of these pipes.  Methane gas can also make family members and pets extremely ill.  When you have completed working on your frozen drain, sewer, and septic pipes, ALWAYS cap your pipes to prevent possible injury or illness caused from methane gas.

Wash your hands with an approved sanitizer once you have completed this work.

Liability Waiver:  Woodsmans International, wholesalers, retailers, and any and all re-sellers of Liqui-Fire are not liable for any injury or damages to any person or property whether real or implied.

Other topics of interest: instructions, safety, liability, & return policy.




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