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Death Threats were made to me.   HERE's  HOW!
First Home Hardware became financially unable to pay vendors and suppliers.  So I posted it online.
But prior to this: Home Hardware's Ray Gabel stated: my products will never sell anywhere again.  Then email was blocked: both to and from retail stores and my company, by the involved parties.
Canadian Tire's Stuart Reid followed suite, followed by anonymous calls from Recochem.  These 3 corporations and others whom they influenced, took part in harassment, and trying to crush my business.
When you and your "Inside Traders", control and influence ALL the Retail Sellers: through vast networks; jointly, Pride & Power become Greed and Arrogance!
To knock down their arrogance: Postal flyers targeting store postal codes are arriving
soon !

My Life Insurance and Safety Policy:
A number of international parties: untraceable via my digital footprint and my devices have secure possession of this and more information.  They hold specific instructions and actions, to be preformed, in the event of my death.  They are unknown to, the corporate criminals detailed on this website, and those whom are not.  Like Stuart Reid, Steve Somersford, Ray Gabel, and more.
In the event of my untimely death, and/or not dying of natural causes: those details will be made public around the world.
Thousands of Notifications are sent daily to: World Trade Organization Members; and will continue until this is resolved.  Resolve Conditions


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How this began 20 years ago.
Home Hardware Stores broke the law.  I posted photos online.  I received a DEATH THREAT.  Then threatened legally.
The Death Threat: I answered my cell and was immediately told, "Watch your fucking ass because we know where you are every minute of every day!"
Alliance International LLC,  aka:  Home Hardware Ltd, continues breaking the law, to this very day.  Was it a death threat?  You be the judge.

To all Vendor / Suppliers

Stand your ground and be pro-active !


To ALL Vendor/Suppliers of: Home Hardware Stores LTD. and/or Alliance International LLC.   Please beware that the aforementioned, appears incapable of paying its accounts!

It is extremely easy to determine that my losses, caused by Home Hardware Stores LTD and/or Alliance International LLC: clearly exceed; $100,000,000.00 without any doubt.
Detailed Reference on: 
Canadian Syndicate Criminals notes and release date

I'm amazed who is visiting, and from where.  Companies from various parts of the world from Asia, and Europe, and yes North America.  From vendors and suppliers, to the Press, and even the Entertainment Industry.  And Woodsmans International has never advertised during Toronto Sports like, the Maple Leafs, the Raptors, or the Blue Jays.  We've only given away FREE tickets to games.  It is done to promote Liqui-Fire at games.  Stores know we gave away thousands of ball caps, thousands of pens, thousands of pocket protectors, and tickets to Toronto Sports Games.  Toronto Sports Tickets can be won on my other websites also.  Viewers or visitors from everywhere.

And as well some law firm visited.  They (in red as per their the email copy) are telling me that Home Hardware Stores Ltd and/or Alliance International LLC can break the law, but if I post it online that the truth (as I know it to be factually), is: "Character Defamation".  That was according to:
NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT LAW.  I told them to take me to court.  Click here to read that email exchange.

Home Hardware can do the right thing which is abiding by Bill C-45, and the Competition Act, pay me what they cost me, restore wrong doings to others, and this website will vanish once they own it.  But only if they choose.

Most Canadians do not know this. 
Rona Incorporated “is the sole North American member of the European buying group ARENA and is a partner in a U.S.-Canadian buying pool called Alliance International LLC
Home Hardware Stores must sell products approved by RONA, which are supplied by "a European Buying Group".  Yet the public conception that is marketed by, Home Hardware Stores, is a Canadian Christian value and controlling bunch of independent store owners ?   Is this actually truthful to Canadians ?

Woodsmans International and Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw are for sale: $250 million FIRM.

National and International Sports Leagues and Teams desire and promote, equality and fairness to their audience.  They don't intend to associate their fans with Corrupt and Self-Righteous Greedy Cults.  Perhaps these businesses can reach [email protected]    I encourage minor leagues and player, and their fan base to email and inquire about this.  Email your Sports Associations, Home Hardware intentionally misleads its retail stores and the public.

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These are my accounts of the acts stated and contained within my website.  They are true.  They can be verified.  And this did happen.  My goal is to prevent it from continuing, and destroying an untold number of lives.

When you see someone stealing from a retail store: the Store Owners wants you to report it !

When a Store Owner knows someone has stolen from them: they report it to the authorities !

When you inform Store Owners that their Head Office is stealing and breaking the law: some Store Owners support this type of CRIME or THEFT !  Those store owners refuse to pay for product that they themselves ordered, received, and sold.  Those stores that recommend another product, or state that: "If they could get Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, they would be selling it", are either knowingly or unknowingly supporting crime.

Those selling Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw are either unknowingly or knowingly not supporting crime.  Honest stores that are abiding by the law have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I had no idea that: Home Hardware Stores LTD, and/or Alliance International LLC, would risk yet again, the highly marketed, public image concept, of being: an honest and friendly caring company.
How foolish is greed: that Home Hardware would risk losing multi-million dollar per year contracts for theft.
I am absolutely 100 percent certain, that competitors that manufacture similar products such as PAINT: are wanting to secure Federal Government and Provincial Government contracts to supply paint to the parks boards or departments of highways, etc.
Political alliances turn on corporations and CEO's when crime is exposed, and syndicate partners pounce on your former contracts.  Even Canadian Tire.

POINTS of INTEREST for Insurance Fraud Investigators   (see deeper in article)
I do believe that millions upon millions of insurance dollars have paid out by insurance companies that trust Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC.  I can not begin to estimate the number of FALSE INSURANCE CLAIMS of various thefts, across 1,100 retail stores.
These crimes are exposed on our:  Home  Hardware  Crimes

Walter Hatchborn was alleged to uphold Christian Values, then is the devil not portrayed as also wearing the same RED colour as Home Hardware's shirts, and store banner colours?

Inside Trading Controls & Actions, that dictate which commodity will thrive, and which commodity will fail:  That is Criminal.  That's Home Hardware.  That's Canadian Tire.  That's Federated Co-operatives LTD.
Rerference: See: Weyerhaeuser OSB and Grant Lumber OSB.  Grant - Canada's Largest Mansion.
It is simple to investigate.  Hypothetical example: If Ray Gabel purchased stock in, and/or, Home Hardware Stores Limited, and/or, Alliance International LLC, and/or, any of its associated internal trading partners, such as those mentioned at: https://hardlines.ca/upcoming-events/ and/or, Bell Canada, purchased stock in: Weyerhaeuser, prior to the opening of its new OSB mill called: OSB 2000, or was given stock in Weyerhaeuser, for actively redirecting all Grant Lumber sales, to Weyerhaeuser, then that is indisputable evidence.  Facts are facts, and I hope the facts are uncovered.  I wonder if Peter Grant would recognize and agree with this information?  Did his commodity sales become an Insider Trade to profit the Upper Powers within?

And here's another easy to prove question.
Weyerhaeuser definitely benefited.  Did Grant Lumber purchase from Weyerhaeuser prior to its collapse.  It is pretty easy to collapse a business if your partner in crime uses influence control over its selling partners, and invests in the new Weyerhaeuser mill and/or sales via hidden investment via some Criminal Syndicate Company.  Weyerhaeuser website shows rights of 80 percent of the lumbering rights in Canada.  Soft Wood Lumber is often guarded in international trade agreements.

UPDATE on the Largest Mansion in Canada, the Peter Grant Mansion.
Since we are in Canada: it is impossible to find out any detailed information on this property.  The ownership, the taxes, the blueprints, contact names, etc: are all cloaked in a vale of secrecy hiding the ugly truth.

Reference below for the involvement of: BELL  CANADA, Yellow Pages, and/or Red Flag Deals, & Evidence

From this: to bankruptcy  ► ► ►

Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC has not paid invoices that are now in the 5th year of non-payment.
    - One such store is: Huntsville - Home Hardware-1682-3, at: 2 Cann Street.  That store is owned by Lisa Rockburn, and Lisa is aware of her orders, which Lisa received, and sold for Lisa's profit, and yet: Lisa Rockburn refuses to pay her Past Due Invoices, because Lisa's Head Office gave orders that:  ???.

Click the invoice below to see if YOU are on the Home  Hardware  Crimes

Change notice to all retailer store owners.
In the past Woodsmans International has never charged you with any late payment fees or charges.  Due to the above violations of the law, Woodsmans International will now be adding a charge on all "Past Due Invoices"
That charge will be visibly added onto your Past Due Invoice.  That charge will appear as a: Corruption Charge, since that is indisputably what it is.


So in tribute to: Store Owners, not staff but actual business owners themselves; who have legally become criminals committing Consumer Fraud, Woodsmans International has imposed an, "Corruption Charge".
The "Corruption Charge" will be appear on, and be added onto each and every "Past Due Account" in which the owner themselves, know that neither they themselves, nor: their respective Head Office, have attempted to pay.
The "Corruption Charge", that will be enforced is for, being accomplice to, and aiding in known violations of Canadian Law.
The "Corruption Charge" has been set.
The "Corruption Charge" has been set at: $10,000.00, per store, per each offense committed.

PLUS: the Store Owner's names, of those whom know that they have deliberately, partook in breaking the law, will have their names posted on: "Home  Hardware  Crimes", which will be created, and broadcast via numerous social platforms.

Still: it is extremely sad, to see business owners such as Home Hardware Store Owners, surrender their values, and their community respect, and their own self-respect for so little.
Merriam-Webster dictionary definition is explained as: QUOTE: idiom. : to gain wealth, success, power, etc., by doing something bad or dishonest. He has sold his soul (to the devil) for fame and prosperity.
            REF:  Idiom: to Sell one's soul (to the devil) - Merriam-Webster


"  Home  Hardware  Crimes" members will include:
    - Huntsville - Home Hardware-1682-3, at: 2 Cann Street, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 1H3, (705) 789-5549, which is owned by Lisa Rockburn.
    - To be continued as and on:


March 1, 2023

RCMP contacted me March 1, 2023.

Following that communiqué: this is my understanding of the process.

Forensic Accounting.

First - historic hard evidence will determine a baseline.

* Hard evidence is digital proof of ongoing repetitive orders of: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.
                                Reference documents are tagged at the bottom.  TAG: Brochure.

Establish Relevant Stocking/Sales Ratio

Calculations is:

The brochure’s geographical area determines, the total number of; Home Hardware Stores, therein.  Divide: the number of: Home Hardware Stores, “that stocked and repeatedly sold Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw”, by the total number of store.  Multiply by 100, gives you an exact percentage or Home Hardware Stores that carried and repeatedly stocked and sold: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.

Determine the entire number of stores that are supplied by either: Alliance International LLC. and/or supplied by: Home Hardware Stores Limited.  This possibly includes: hardware departments of grocery stores, convenience stores, and numerous other types of stores.

That is the determined volume of: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, sold throughout both Alliance International LLC. and Home Hardware Stores Limited.

Steve Sommersford was the Home Hardware sales/order/warehouse contact.  That changed as: Home Hardware appointed, Scwartzenstruber to this sales history.

During this same time period: Alliance International LLC; had refused to pay for received and sold goods in the tens of thousands of dollars.
PLUS: after many years of leasing my location at: 16 Barrie Boulevard, St. Thomas, Ontario, I was told that I had to move out within 5 days by my landlord.  No reason was provided.  I am certain that this was influence peddling of the local; Geerlinks Home Hardware Building Centre.

PROOF of: Insider Trading

Up until that time: there was zero interest shown by: Canadian Tire Stores LTD, aka: TSE: CTC.A, or: Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Class A.  Woodsmans International was informed during a brief telephone call, that Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, was of no interest.

During a telephone call to Home Hardware Stores, Scwartzenstruber, he stated: “Do not call here again.  I have enough of your shit to last me 2 years or more!”.   Scwartzenstruber hung up abruptly.

I would receive a purchase order within 48-72 hours from Scwartzenstruber.  I believe it was for 3 pallets of Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.  Home Hardware Stores Limited or Alliance International LLC. will have that Purchase Order on file.

The following year: every retail store of any banner in Canada, plus those unknown to myself; were stocked with a product.  The Insider Trading had occurred.  Recochem Inc. was now involved.  Recochem had manufactured: “Pipe Thaw”.   Recochem erogantly telephoned Woodsmans International.  At that time, Woodsmans International had no knowledge of Recochem.  During the unexpected telephone call from Recochem Inc to Woodsmans International, Recochem stated: “You better drop your price is you’re hoping to sell any of your shit!”.  They laughed and ended the call.

Now you have the 3 known parties involved with Insider Trading.

Woodsmans International conducted our own investigation at this time as well as various studies.

Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC, were using: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, and its assigned SKU number, and the Woodsmans International graphic of a bottle of Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw; on their computer systems and selling systems.  One such known system is specifically called: “Home Info”.  That system showed that: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw; was discontinued by: Woodsmans International.  That was fraud.  It then redirected all sales and request for Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, to use the NEW Recochem LTD SKU number.

Home Hardware Retail Stores and staff had been selling Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw for over a decade.

Every one of Home Hardware Retail Stores switched without being aware of this crime.

It would be a few years before Home Hardware Retail Stores, would call to apologize for the illegal actions of its Head Office: Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC.

Woodsmans International directly fought Recochem, notifying other companies of Recochem’s activities.

Woodsmans International directly fought Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC.
Woodsmans International efforts embarrassed: Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC. to abandon its historic slogan and multi-decade multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns.  Billions of marketing dollars had been spent.

Home Hardware abandons its "Home Hardware, Home of the Handyman"

1st abandoned market place identity was: “Home Hardware: Home of the Handyman”.
Head Office changed it to its new and highly marketed and substantially financed new slogan.
Marketing dollars freely flowed to change the public’s knowledge and/or opinions.
“Help is close to Home” was being heard nationally and internationally on television and radio.  At international sports games, etc etc etc.

But Woodsmans International had still survived.  And was still pushing for justice.

2nd  abandoned market place identity was: “Help is close to Home”.  Woodsmans International coined the phrase, “HELL is close to Home”.  The graphic circled the globe and people sought to acquire rights to market that graphic on T-shirts and other printable media.

Reference document is tagged at the bottom.  TAG: “Hell is close to Home”.

Now “Here’s How” advertising campaign will be attacked.  Soon vendor suppliers everywhere will associated the Home Hardware’s new advertising campaign with:  “Pay Now!”.


I believe that this should be sufficient evidence to not only prove intentional and deliberate calculative fraud, and various other violations of the law: including but not limited to:
Canada’s Bill C-45, the Canadian Competition Act, any many more.
Criminal charges should be enforced immediately upon those found guilty as they should not continue to live lavish live styles from their gains of committing crimes.  Plus: seeing justice for once in Canada would be a good thing.

Investigators can verify all of this evidence and more, using digital computer systems audits from Head Offices to numerous retail stores.  By email.  By submitted tax records.

ALSO: search for this; within the computer systems of, Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC. and/or any of the associated retail stores.

Search for SKU number: 3196.  That is a common slush SKU.  Stores use slush SKU’s when a product does not have any means of identifying what it is.  This is used so that, “said item” can be processed through the checkout.
Items constantly are moved from one party to the other.  Packaging is removed.  A price gun applies a price.  And these items clear the cash receipts without recording what these items were.  Almost untraceable.

Even if that “Slush SKU” number is different in all stores, I believe this system makes hiding billions of dollars from CRA – Canada Revenue Agency is used by more than just Home Hardware.

A possibility of thousands upon thousands of cases if investigated and proven guilty.
At Home Hardware Building Center Stores, the various store trucks are loaded so that in the morning, the trucks are already for deliveries.  It is done all the time in almost every Home Hardware Building Center Store.
That makes sense.  Now: how does this fit into insurance fraud?  I remember a truck load of material vanished.  I do know that it vanished at the hand of the store owner(s).  Did the Home Hardware Building Center Store report it as THEFT, and file a claim and get paid for that load and additional vehicle repair by the insurance company?
So how would an Insurance Fraud Investigator detect these false claims?
Insurance companies simply have to view claims submitted by a Home Hardware Building Center Store.  That establishes a search date for any possible insurance fraud.
The examine the news for that city of post theft notification of various projects.  Examples: new community centers, new government buildings or newly finish additions, new hospital wings, etc.
Then examine the contributors that made donations to any of those projects.  Then trace what donated materials were donated by the local Home Hardware Building Center Store.
Compare the donation to your insurance claim payout, and now you can establish if it was insurance fraud, or: if it was not insurance fraud.
To test this theory: look at St. Thomas, Ontario in the early 2000's.  How many vehicle thefts were reported and what building materials were claimed as stolen?  Now examine the completion date of various projects that were built and completed just after any reported vehicle theft.  Do the building materials, and the donations by the Home Hardware Building Center Store match?  The evidence should be in your computer records as well as in the Home Hardware Building Center Store's computer system records, IF: insurance fraud was commited.
New builds of any type require building materials such as, but not limited to, truck loads of: electrical components, wire, breaker panels, lighting, receptacles, switches, etcc, loads of insulation, loads of drywall, loads of suspended ceiling grid, loads of ceiling tile, and the list goes on and on, but not all will be a full truck load.  Example: light switches will not be a full truck load.  Insulation and drywall and ceiling grid and ceiling tile will be a full truck load or multiple truck loads.
Commercial builds generally use 12 foot drywall that is 5/8 of an inch thick.  The cost per sheet is: $43.20 per sheet to you and I as consumers.  The cost per sheet is $35.99 for contractors.  So using the LOWER cost, a lift of 32 sheets of drywall cost is: $1,500.00 plus per lift.
A truck load of drywall if generally 3 lifts high and two lifts wide by either 1, 2, or 3 lift lengths long depending on the truck used for delivery.
This information was provided by the friendly dishonest Home Hardware Building Center Store that has intentionally ignored paying their: PAST DUE INVOICE.
So a truck load can range in cost from:
1 - Small flat bed truck carrying 6 lifts is: $6,910.08.
2 - A medium flat bed truck carrying 12 lifts is: $13,820.16.
3 - A larger flat bed boom truck carrying 18 lifts of drywall is: $20,730.24.

When I heard on the news: that the Home Hardware Building Center's boom truck had been stolen in St. Thomas, Ontario: it was then that I recalled hearing it previously.  I wonder if: since Home Hardware Store Owners share all kinds of information when they have their various Store Owner's meetings: if this information was also shared.  Was it an isolated case of only one store out of the 1,100 stores, or was it the tip of the iceberg ?  After all: when I told that store owner face to face, that Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC were breaking the law; he proudly told me to my face: "If you want to play with the BIG BOYS, then you have to play by the BIG BOY's RULES".  I understood it to be that Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC were absolutely fine breaking any law in Canada and abroad.  That is still my opinion from that conversation.

QUESTION: which banner store is the largest in your community?  Is it a Home Hardware Building Center Store?
Remember: all parties mentioned are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
I do believe that millions upon millions of insurance dollars have paid out by insurance companies that trust Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC.  I can not begin to estimate the number of FALSE INSURANCE CLAIMS of various thefts, across 1,100 retail stores.  Were any taxes paid?  I do not know; but I do know that it was another form of obtaining recognition of a significant donation to the local community center.  I believe there are possibly many plaques possibly in many recreation centers or community centers ?

I believe that "insurance fraud" must be of extreme concern to Head Office?  But maybe it is only of great concern to their respective insurance company, or companies?

I dug up the information here.  It should be simple for formally trained Investigator, and the police.

Further Proof that Head Offices commanded stores not to sell Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw using various means exist in every Retail Store's computer history.
All products sold in Retail Stores have history records.  These records show ongoing annual volume of sales.
The past decade of All Retail Store sales history show ongoing sales volumes that came to an immediate abrupt stop.
Retail Store Owners are independent.
Retail Store Owners stock annual sales products because they sell.
For independent stores, to simultaneously stop selling a product is always because an order to stop selling appeared.
That order came from the highest authority within the various Head Offices.
It is the individuals of the highest authority, that will have ownership in hidden shell companies, and/or will financially profit from deliberately violating the law.
Retail Store Owners that stopped selling a profitable sales product abruptly, are in fact: guilty even though coercion may have occurred.
Guilty because: these same retail store owners knew of their respective head office's coercion occurring specifically with Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw previously.
A Retail Store's computer history proves this fact to be true.

I did not go to Harvard or Yale: but I know mathematics and algebra.  Here's an example:

IF:   A + B + C + D + a? + b? + etc? : is over Z times infinity     Then the answer is ?

A = Canadian Tire Stores Ltd.
B = Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC.
C = Recochem
D = Shell companies owned by Inside Traders
a? = other Insider Trading Partners
b? = same as above depending which sect of industry is being exploited
etc? = Weyerhaeuser.  See the OSB 2000 below.

Z = Stock Market influencing via Insider Trading & Shell Companies.

Then your answer is: Corporate & Political Corruption.

Do you wonder how companies such as: Weyerhauser tolerates their Insider Trading Partner's Alleged Fraudulent Activities; especially if it may or may not drag their name, into Suspicion & Association of possible Criminal Activities?
After all: is it not that those who control the sellers to consumers; that control, who they allow to sell, or who they do not?  That appears to be the single most significant factor of controlling everything.

I believe that it is; that absolute control of the "Selling Locations" combined with "Industry Influence"  that silently happened to Peter Grant as well as perhaps millions of businesses.

SEARCH  &  INVESTIGATIVE  QUESTIONS:  (relevant to this formula)

Peter Grant Mansion: Canada's Largest Mansion - Abandoned because of Insider Trading.

1 - What influential persons: gained financially from; legislation that forced, both ACE Hardware USA, and True Value Hardware USA, to surrender their respective Canadian Retail Stores, to other companies ?
2 - What influential persons: gained and are still currently gaining financially from; legislation that provides, Canadian Tire LTD, with money(s) ?  Hundreds of Millions multiple times.  Employees make LOW wages.
3 - These are just a couple of questions that need investigating, behind the publicly marketed news facade.
4 - The famous bankruptcy ... Peter Grant Mansion in Haileybury.   Connect the following timelines.  Grant supplied OSB to Canadian and North American resellers until bankruptcy was filed claiming a downturn in the industry ,,, connect that to: the manufacturing of Insider Trading Partners to ,,, the OSB mill built in Elie Manitoba during the later 90's as a SMALL test facility to refine its processing procedures and capabilities ,,, the immediate construction of a full scale full run OSB mill by the Insider Trading Partners ,,,
PLUS: during this alleged downturn in building materials, in the year: 2,001, Weyerhaeuser opens Canada's newest mill, called: OSB 2000, and became the industry leader.
coupled with: the abrupt discontinued order from Grant Lumber Company.  Was this bankruptcy just another: Insider Trading issue ?  Who benefited most from this ?
5 - Perhaps it might be much easier to investigate: Insider Trading issues if you examine a much much smaller company.  A company such as:  Lee Valley Tools ?  There are just too many going bankrupt from Insider Trading.

Timelines and facts can be validated online or elsewhere.

Of reference & interest to some readers: Peter Grant Mansion in Haileybury, Ontario.  Canada's largest mansion sits abandoned.


How to find:  CRIME  CLUES

How to find the obvious clues.  They are not hidden, they are in full view.

Make a sales flyer by sales flyer comparison between the parties mentioned herein.  Ask yourself this:  "Why would both parties spend money year after year, promoting the exact same items?"  Take "Paderno  Cookware".  Could the why have a simple?  Is it possible: and I'm only asking,  Is it possible that the insider tading partners might actually jointly own a "Shell Company", that might be the supplier to these named companies?
And now: selling online has made it much easier for these goliaths.   How much is left for the Home Hardware Store owner's profit ?   Hmmmm?   Makes you wonder doesn't it ?

If Home Hardware Store Owners aren't careful: soon Home Hardware will become just another Canadian Tire Banner Franchise.  It is getting closer with the number of stores owned by Canadian Tire Store Owners and their siblings.

Did these same companies both advertise, their collective corporate head's knock-off, sold as "Pipe Thaw?"


Currently: Home Hardware Stores Limited is again not paying its accounts.



Finish writing and posting once all online files, photos, and digital references are imported into this document and it has been organized and formatted properly for legal purposes.
This information is currently secure in another country and will be posted in raw form should something happen to myself.

* Tagged references are: Title Tagged throughout and are located at the bottom.

When did: Abuse of Power, Violation of Law, Theft, Insider Trading, all become so acceptable ?

Is it okay depending on the names of who is committing these acts ?

Names like:
- Russia & Putin.  Is it acceptable to you, for them to commit these violations ?
- North Korea & Kim Jong-un.  Is it acceptable to you, for them to commit these violations ?
- Or for any country.  Is it acceptable to you, for them to commit these violations ?
- How about Home Hardware & Canadian Tire.  Is it acceptable to you, for them to commit these violations ?

So are these: Abuses of Power, Violations of Law, Thefts, Insider Trading, all acceptable to you ?

The Holocaust.  Hiroshima.  World War II.  Russia's attacks on Ukraine.  These are highly VISUAL attacks that devastate the lives of millions.
But the almost invisible crimes of Power & Greed, deliberately and knowingly: devastate millions of lives invisibly.  As invisible as the G-5 devastation.

All of those listed above: are to intentionally obliterate and destroy competitors !

I hope you said NO to all CRIME !   If you said NO: then please share this with your contacts.
However: if you chose yes: then I wish that you and your family repeatedly reap; all that you support and believe in.

See what Home Hardware & Canadian Tire Head Offices and there stores are really like.

See actual received email from these crocked Corporations, including other literature, and soon digital photos of computer screens and more.

Visit either of these to learn of the truth:

Canadian Syndicate Crime Release Date & Notes

Canadian Syndicate Crimes

Thank you for your time ?

The names of  those known specifically; to have led, and/or instructed, and/or are leading today, and/or participate or participated, in knowingly violating various laws, including but not limited to: Insider Trading and intentional violations of Canada's Bill C-45 are listed below.

Here you will learn how a minor portion of perhaps Canada's largest crime syndicate operates.

We will examine and explain the crimes directed and/or orchestrated by; the Heads of these companies, and as well by those they direct and instruct.

Indisputable fact:
The Head Big Shots and/or upper management, that deliberately violate Canada's Bill C-45, are knowledgeable that it is a crime, but chose to ignore the law, because of projected profits, and/or for personal gains.

that will be examined are by knowledgeable crimes, with predictable outcomes, that violate Canada's Bill C-45.:
- Canadian Tire Corporation
- CTC stock
- Home Hardware St. Jacobs known as: Alliance International LLC
- Recochem

, insider trading, profiteering,tax evasion,slush skus,claiming theft illegally



Canadian Tire Corporation is:

A member of possibly one of the largest syndicated crime rings in Canada.

This is what you should know about Canadian Tire Corporation and how it is.

Example: A small business develops a product and through extremely difficult and dedicated efforts grows its sales.

The small business approaches various Head Offices for becoming a potential vendor/supplier of its product.

One of the various Syndicated Head Offices is impressed with the sales of the small business and makes a deal to warehouse and distribute the product.

Example: Home Hardware which is actually Alliance International LLC

So Home Hardware list the product and begins to stock it in its 3 warehouses.

This effectively disallows the Small Business from knowing which stores are stocking its product.

Home Hardware lists it in its sales flyer.

Once a year or two have passed: the following happens.

A member of the syndicate creates a knock off of the product.  In this case Recochem.

Home Hardware lists that the product has been discontinued by the manufacturer: the small business, and redirects the consumers and the Home Hardware retail staff to use the knock-off sku and product which is a member of the syndicate that perpetually violates the Canadian Bill C-45, as well as other laws.


The syndicate has the knock-off listed and stocked in every single store in Canada for less money than the small business’s product was listed for.


That affectively forces the collapse and bankruptcy of most every small business.


The knock-off is also in every Canadian Tire Store in the country.

However: should the small business survive the attack by the syndicate, and the knock-off be pulled from retail stores, then the Canadian Tire Corporation will never stock the small business’s product.


The persons involved in this syndicate are the ultra-powerful decision makers of each of the syndicate companies involved.

Recochem: a member of the syndicate; actually called to taunt the small business informing the small business that if it expects to sell its product that it will have to reduce its price because the knock made by Recochem is in every store everywhere in Canada and is cheaper.


These facts are supported by digital proof online and in the computers of all the members of the syndicate.

Possibly: tax evasion might have also been implemented by the syndicated members listing product under foreign sku numbers such as: 3196 used by Home Hardware, but all the syndicate members have their own foreign sku numbers.

Canadian Syndicate Crime is a minimal glimpse into Canadian Corporate Crime which deliberately and with malice violates the Canadian Bill C-45


Those who knowingly committed and led violation of various laws are:
The power of these syndicate corporations, and the power of their influence peddling, and the provincial and federal government support, is ENORMOUS !  Lobby money and government supported programs.
(spelling of names may be incorrect)

For my protection from a technicality:  Any and all written information contained herein, is alleged, until proven in a court of law.  My experiences provided me with the knowledge and statements contained herein.

From Alliance International LLC - Publicly known as: Home Hardware Stores
- Ray Gabel
- Steve Sommersford
- Swaretsenstruber (spelling of names may be incorrect)

More details still to come including but not limited to corrupt payment practices, email, PDF emailed invoices, and much more on suspected criminal practices.  Supporting digital photos, and various other information will be uploaded.


From Canadian Tire Corporation Limited - Publicly known as: Canadian Tire, and/or Canadian Tire Stores, and/or CTC on the stock exchange, etc.
- Stuart Reid, a deceitful misrepresenting person, and/or, the primary leader of: attacks on small businesses by violations of the law, including but not limited to: Canada's Bill C-45
- Remember this Stuart Reid ?
    Hi Stuart,  aka: Stuart Reid of Canadian Tire Corporation,
    Unexpectedly, our paths cross yet again.
    You once asked if I wanted product in over 500 stores, or just a few stores.  You proved that your suggestion was bull shit.
    But this you might find very interesting as would the media and the government.
        Then you wrote the following: Remove Canadian Tire from my website within 72 hours or WE will forward this to our legal department.  The other party and/or parties also violated the law.
Stuart: threats of this nature appear to be legal and are legal.  But not when these threats are issued as a threat, to try to force someone from exposing potential crimes committed by: Canadian Tire Leadership.
Please supply the names of those collectively named by yourself, Stuart Reid, as "WE", with reference to your strong arm tactics.

More details still to come: more on possible insider trading and other possible criminal activities.  Supporting digital photos, and various other information will be uploaded.

- Still to come: Federated Co-operatives Limited details.
Parties involved are, but not limited to:
- Leighland Hrapchak and/or <[email protected]>  - Leighland Hrapckak, B. Comm. Procurement Specialist, Home and Building Supplies.
    FCL SKU was and should be is: 5237508
        False claims that a shipment claims were made by FCL.  FCL claimed that, one of the 3 orders shipped to its warehouse was not received.  Records from the trucking company show that it was delivered and signed for.
- [email protected]  Aware of and responsible for fraudulent accounting practices.  Email reference: 1/13/2015, 5:36 PM, Subject line: Un-Paid overdue accounts.
    FCL would issue a cheque for a few hundred dollars, for an invoice worth thousands.  Then FCL would claim, they had paid the invoice, and that all reference of that purchase order, and the due payment were removed upon issuing a cheque.


To those investigating these crimes.
This will assist you partially with your investigation.  The power of these syndicate corporations, and the power of their influence peddling, and government support, is ENORMOUS !   Lobby money and government supported programs.
The flip side to this syndicate's power and influence, will be the hell that is inflicted into my life, for trying to make an honest living in Canada.  Someone needs to keep an eye on that!.

These syndicate giants print and distribute flyers across Canada.  My product was in one such flyer.
It was also in the Home Hardware Flyer, that was distributed across Canada.
That enabled Home Hardware and its syndicate to study and assess the value potential of releasing a knock-off product.

In preparation of doing so: Alliance International LLC, aka: Home Hardware deliberately reframed from paying any now due, and/or past due invoices.  Audrey ?, who then headed up the Accounts Payable, repeatedly stated that the cheque missed the print run for that month, but that it should make the next month's cheque print run.  This time around: Home Hardware Stores Limited and/or Alliance International LLC has not paid invoices that are now in the 5th year of non-payment.
Currently: in 2023, some Past Due invoices are in arrears in the 5th year.  Yes: you are correct if you determined this is: INTENTIONAL, as well as violating the law.
After many many months: I informed Alliance International LLC, that I would be there tomorrow, and that my cheque had better be there when I arrived.

Upon entering the St. Jacobs, Alliance International LLC's Head Office, a receptionist saw me walk in, and immediately announced that she had a cheque for me.  The fact that a receptionist knew my face, was abnormal, as I had only been in the building once, and that was a couple of years ago.

The cheque was ready, and immediately given to me, so that I would leave without any issue visible to other business owners, who might have been there at that time.  * NOTE * it did not have to wait for next months cheque run.  That was a lie from Alliance International LLC, told to me by Audrey ?, who headed up Accounts Payable at that time.
    Currently: Alliance International LLC, is withholding payments deliberately.  Evidence was received via email, with copies from Alliance International LLC's  Accounts Payable.

The next move was to have the collected data, from sales of my product, used to produce the volume required, for the unknown knock-off.  That information had to be provided to: Recochem.

The knock-off was distributed to every single store in Canada, that any or all, of the syndicate members supplied.  Be it their own Head Office Banner Stores, or stores they provide hardware, and/or plumbing products to.  The knock-off product was advertised in the computer systems of: Alliance International LLC, on its: "Home Info Computers".

In the Alliance International LLC, on its: "Home Info Computers", my product was used, and was visibly seen by anyone who was shown it by the retail store staff.  It showed, and stated: "Discontinued by Manufacturer", which was and is: Woodsmans International.  Consumers and/or staff were instructed to use: "the knock-off sku" and the knock-off product.  It did show that Recochem, was the manufacturer of the knock-off.

This gave both the consumer, and the store staff, a false belief that: Woodsmans International had stopped manufacturing, Liqui-Fire: which is commonly referred to as: Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw.  That is deliberate fraud controlled by: Alliance International LLC. Head Office.  At that time, Ray Gabel headed operations.  He personally was aware of this issue, and aware of the practices of his company.  He stated several times during my Christmas call to Ray Gabel, "Your product will never be in a Home Hardware Store again, and not any other store, if I can help it."

Prior to discussing it with: Ray Gabel, I had discussed each and every issue with: Steve Sommersford.  Steve Somersford tried to downplay everything, as though it was normal in business.

Schwartenstruber: the expert, who took over for Steve Sommersford, actually told me on the telephone, "I have enough of that shit to last for a couple of years.  Don't call here again!"

To those investigating these crimes: it might be an enormous number of companies, that previously existed, and were thriving, that were in a Home Hardware Fleyer, that were forced out of business, by these syndicate practices.

I merely survived, only because of my ability to study the issues, and figure out who I was fighting.  I then formulated a plan, to attack the syndicate fraud, and theft, by announcing it to companies with other products within the syndicate sales.



* NOTE *
If these syndicate members, and there insider trading , can cause my losses of several millions of dollars, for just my small business: then how many BILLIONS of DOLLARS, have these entities stolen and possibly hid from the authorities, and from the Canadian Revenue Agency ?

I anticipate multiple corporate fines, and/or arrest and criminal convictions are forth coming.

More to be announced March 1st 2023

Support liturature, documents, invoices, and photos of various internatl store computer systems, store shelves full of Insider Knock-off product, etc, etc.

* Tagged references by Reference Titles

Tag Title:  Brochure - The brochure had 4 page in total.

Page 1 of 4 - Front cover.

Page 2 of 4  * Indisputable Repeat Sales Evidence *
< <  NOTE  > >
One extremely significant issue for all manufactures, investigators, educators and manufacturers:
You personally know where each and every single sale is when you conduct your sales.  You forfeit all knowledge of that once national warehouses take you product.
You become totally unaware of what is happening, where, when, and why.  This factor enables warehouses to sink manufacturers by breaking the law.
That fact of knowing where and what your sales were, are, and will be: substantiates the indisputable fact; that I know the dollar value of my losses caused by these corporations breaking the law.
My projected losses of $20,000.00 are extremely pessimistic.  Corporations substantially larger than these offered contracts that I could not afford to entertain, entirely due to these crimes.
PLUS: we are only talking about just one product.  I also could not afford to launch numerous other products, and because of their influence, my credibility was lost.

Page 3 and Page 4 are not required to substantiate my caes.


Tag Title:  "Hell is close to Home"

She was armed with the "HH" Scepter.  "HH" giving reference to: Home Hardware.  In particular but not limited to Head Office.  The "R" on the bottom of the scepter is for Recochem Ltd.  The Woodsmans International's "Devil Woman" is armed to destroy everything is its desired path; just like the 3 named corrupt corporations herein.

If you found this to be eye opening for you, then you will probably enjoy reading:  Canadian Syndicate Crime - Notes and release date.

BELL Canada's involvement:
During winter my customers emailed and/or messaged me via Facebook notifying me that my business telephone numbers were not working.  One winter: Bell Canada gave my business numbers away to other customers.  Bell Canada told me to switch my business telephone numbers.  My Customers which are retail stores that sell Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw, have my business telephone numbers and fax numbers in their computers.  It is my business telephone and fax numbers, that my customer use to place their orders.  Their orders are my sales to retail stores.  Those are my business contact numbers that all my customers contact me through, and my faxed in orders come to.  Still Bell Canada told me that I should just get new business numbers.

It took Bell Canada over 2 weeks to correct the Bell Canada fuck up.  2 weeks of lost WINTER SALES.  I estimate that my business sales losses from Bell Canada's fuck up, were upwards of $25,000.00.

Red Flag Deals which is owned by, Yellow Pages, which is owned by Bell, posted my product graphic and description on its site.  The written construction of that page was definitely used to steer customers to use several other options.  If you read and read and read, all of that page: then yes, Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw was at the extreme bottom.  Red Flag Deals, Yellow Pages, and Bell Canada were using my copyright information, without the expressed written permission.
Bell Canada claims that my telephone number is working because Bell Canada can call me.  However: Bell Canada's digital control over all digital communications affects who can call who in Canada, and abroad.
An visual example is seen below.  Bell Canada was notified of my telephone numbers not working.  Bell Canada called me.  Bell Canada did nothing when I notified them that my business telephone lines were not working.

When you try to sell online, to combat the crimes of attack by those mentioned, and a selling website such as: eBay or Amazon, can not identify you because, the telephone numbers that you provide, are not auto-dialing, to give you your security code for validation, then you know: Bell Canada is involved.
Bell Canada's response: "We just called your telephone number, and its working, so it is not our problem."
Alliance International LLC, and/or, any of its associated internal trading partners, such as mentioned above at: https://hardlines.ca/upcoming-events/  And that is the POWER of INFLUENCE PEDDLING at its finest.

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