I have a business of 30 years.

You could be a MILLIONAIRE this summer and for the rest of your lifetime.

Required:  Social Media Marketing Expert / Blogging Expert


The details of this business and a long term business contract are outlined at:


My legal strategy provides me a 44 day window to bring this into the public focus in order to sell and obtain 1/4 billion dollars.

Should the person or persons or company that proves they have the skills in social media: to drive this issue to be a major media issue, then they will be paid 1 percent upon the success of my settlement.

You will get paid:  TEN  MILLION  DOLLARS

My legal team informs me that victory and success of obtaining my "Out of Court" legal payment purchase is extremely likely, IF: I can rapidly accelerate social awareness.

There will be no payments, contracts, or remuneration of any kind to anyone except upon the sale payment for my company, website, and business.

Those competing for the $10,000.000.00 must secure their identity to their efforts so that determining who achieved my success, can be easily identified and validated for payment in full.


You: or someone you know: could be a MILLIONAIRE this summer and for the rest of your lifetime.

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Should the laws in your country disallow you to have such money: then your Ten Million Canadian Dollars, (can be) held in trust for you.  Should this option meet your needs, then you will be sponsored into Canada so that you can enjoy your new life with your Ten Million Dollars.