Liqui-Fire  -  Thaws Frozen Pipes Safely


We make it easy to please your customers.


Order Liqui-Fire for $17.99 per bottle using any major credit card.


Liqui-Fire is $18.99 per bottle for stores that pay later by ordering via a purchase order.

Fax your purchase order to: (905) 373-0735 for $18.99 per bottle.


Liqui-Fire is available at:

- Tru-Serv Warehouse SKU: 3494207

- Federated Co-operative Warehouse SKU: 5237508


Some stores either pay us direct while other stores bill to Home Hardware LLC.

Suggested retail $24.99

Woodsmans International pays Canada Post Expedited Shipping cost.


Liqui-Fire is Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly, and invented and manufactured in Canada.


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Woodsmans International

T: (905) 373-0237

F: (905) 373-0735

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