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Home Owners / End Users - Please read the Cancellation & Refund policies below prior to purchasing Liqui-Fire.

Purchase & Cancellation & Refund policies for all "Home Owners / End User"

Woodsmans International appreciates that every consumer wants their order sent out as soon as shipping services permit. Woodsmans International makes every effort to get every order shipped the day it is received if various shipping services are open in Cobourg Ontario Canada to receive your order. These services are closed for the weekend.

Therefore; any Home Owners / End Users wishing to cancel their order can cancel at any prior to the order being shipped.

Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email supplying your tracking information plus you will receive general user instructions plus you will receive in that same email a copy of this document stating the Terms and Conditions for a Refunds and/or for a Return.

Should you decide to cancel your order once it has been shipped then you must return your order at your expense to Woodsmans International.

Once you have paid to have your order shipped back to Woodsmans International and if your order has been received and is deemed to be in a re-sellable state of condition, then you the Home Owners / End Users will be entitled to ONLY the { * total value of you order minus the shipping cost * } incurred by Woodsmans International which was incurred as a result of your ordering Liqui-Fire.

The only method for an Home Owners / End Users to purchase Liqui-Fire is by reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions below, or if you have already ordered Liqui-Fire Pipe Thaw and were redirected to this page then you can immediately request a refund before your order is processed and shipped and your money will be refunded within 1 business day.

Should you claim that Liqui-Fire did not work:

Woodsmans International will refund your full purchase value minus the cost incurred to ship your order to you.  To obtain your refund you the Home Owners / End Users must provide digital proof that Liqui-Fire was used by a "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumber" or a "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumbing Contractor". Proof to Woodsmans International that Liqui-Fire was indeed used correctly will only be accepted in the form of a "Paid in Full" receipt showing Proof of Payment in Full to a "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumber" or a "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumbing Contractor" This receipt must provide a Telephone number, License number, and a current Tax number issued by the I.R.S. to either the "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumber" or a "Currently Certified & Licensed Plumbing Contractor" for verification and validation of legitimacy to justify any return for this reason.

I understand that Woodsmans International is not responsible for the shipper nor any shipping delays caused by weather or any other circumstance.  I also understand that any and all testimonials are from other happy or satisfied users and are from real people who also had frozen pipes. All testimonials on this website were provided via email to Woodsmans International from other previous users of Liqui-Fire.  Endorsements may have been edited to shorten them.

By clicking the "I Accept and Fully Understand these Terms and Conditions" button indicates that I have read and fully understood ALL of the Terms and Conditions above and do wave any rights to any variance or claim other than those outlined by the various Terms and Conditions stated in the above.

ALWAYS USE PROPER SAFETY  The use of safety glasses may sound silly to some but they are recommended. Drains that may have had a drain cleaner used in them can often burp. A sewer burp happens unexpectedly and without warning launching dangerous debris up out of a drain. This can cause serious personal injury.  Drains, sewers and septic pipes all release methane gas.  Methane gas is combustible so do not use an open flame while working on any of these pipes.  Methane gas can also make family members and pets extremely ill.  When you have completed working on your frozen drain, sewer, and septic pipes, ALWAYS cap your pipes to prevent possible injury or illness caused from methane gas.

Wash your hands with an approved sanitizer once you have completed this work.

LIABILITY  WAIVER: Woodsmans International, wholesalers, retailers, and any and all re-sellers of Liqui-Fire are not liable for any injury or damages to any person or property whether real or implied.

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