Suggested Retail $ 24.99 per bottle.

To all Retailers and Consumers.

Regarding Suggested Retail Increase for Liqui-Fire.

Liqui-Fire has thawed frozen pipes safely for 2 decades.

Effective immediately.

For a decade Woodsmans International has maintained the suggested retail price of $19.99 per bottle of Liqui-Fire. During the last 3 years consumers have been paying $24.99 per bottle from our website. At $24.99 per bottle sales still grew every year.

Due to annual increases our suppliers have incurred plus the annual rises in shipping cost, the suggested retail price will be adjusted to $24.99 per bottle of Liqui-Fire effective immediately.  Stock and inventory sold faster than expect.  New supplies will be quickly converted into inventory and stock in the next couple of weeks preventing any in season delay or orders.  Free delivery will remain in effect.

The cost of a bottle of Liqui-Fire is set at $17.99 for pre-paid orders.

The cost of a bottle of Liqui-Fire that is not pre-paid is $18.99.

A massive effort is ongoing to notify retailers of these upcoming changes. Effective immediately.


In addition to the new changes...

In the past retailers that chose to pre-pay received a discount of only $0.50 per bottle of Liqui-Fire.

As of December 1st 2013, retailers that pre-pay will now save $1.00 per bottle of Liqui-Fire ordered.

Woodsmans International will continue to pay the shipping on ALL North American orders to both retailers and consumers.

We supply and support small business everywhere.

Thank you.

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