Play our short and cute video but please be certain to return.


This year; possibly you could win $3,000.00.

We are running a video contest.

It's simple, it's fun, and who knows what career changes and fortunes your video may open.

Best of all; you and all the entrants will select the winner.

To enter, here is what you need to do.

Have fun creating a fun video along the lines of the script found below.


Create a playful video that follows this draft script using a bottle of Liqui-Fire ( note there is no letter "d" in Liqui-Fire )

The video camera sight lines will start being focused on a younger version of yourself, perhaps with ponytails high on the top of your head, perhaps freckles, and wearing youthful appearing pajamas and youthful slippers, holding a glass of milk.

As the camera begins to zoom out to the right and down while still remaining on your youthful face you begin saying: "Before when I was young and my pipes froze I paid $450.00 for one of these."  The camera still shows your beautiful face and has zoomed out to show the cupboards beneath the sink with a plumbers butt crack sticking out of the cupboard doors while his arms are busy appearing to be working on your frozen drain pipes... the camera fades out entirely.


Get dolled up creating yourself to be sophisticated, a wiser, sexier, more mature vision of yourself.  ( glasses, sexier outfit, and no ponytails, and perhaps with a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine )

Use the same camera sight lines that begins focused on your beautiful face.

As the camera begins to zoom out to the right and down while still remaining on your sophisticated and beautiful face you begin saying: "This time when my sewer pipes froze, I paid $25.00 for one of these."  The camera is zooming out.  A sexy and buff male stands on the opposite side of the sink holding a bottle of Liqui-Fire in his hand.

NEXT ...

The buff male stops shaking the bottle of Liqui-Fire then he reads out loud part of the instructions.

"Shake well", and the woman sexually shakes or shimmies as he pours Liqui-Fire into the sink.

"Now go and do something you enjoy" he reads as his sophisticated and sexy female slides over to him.

They both look into the camera smiling seductively playful and say, "We got lucky with Liqui-Fire."

The End

Now upload your playful Liqui-Fire video saving it with a name relevant to thawing various pipes.

EG: Save as: How to thaw frozen drain pipes


Save as: Thawing my frozen septic pipe.


((entrants video links to youtube and others will be pasted here))

((( ALL videos must be saved with a name relevant to thawing various pipes )))

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The best video will be posted on our website and on YouTube.

This video may also be used in our upcoming television commercial.


Contest Prizes Sponsored by:

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Contestants must be over 18 years of age and answer a skill-testing question to win.

No purchase required.  Entrants can enter online via email or by mailing in an entry to: "Contest Address"

Contest open to Canadians only excluding Quebec residents or where prohibited by law.

Approximate value of each grand prize awarded is $3,000.00.

Contest Ends April 30 2015

All contestants must provide the following:

Date of birth:

Full name:

Current address:

Plus a telephone number where you can be reached.  * Only the winning contestants will be called *

Winning contestants name and location will appear on this page once the contest has concluded.

All contestants must answer a skill-testing question:

Here is the skill testing question.  Name the sponsoring product as well as what it does.  ( Correct spelling is important )




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Date of Birth:  Day ,  Month ,  Year

First Name: , Last Name:


City: , Province: , Postal Code:

Telephone:   Example: 000 000 0000

Skill Testing Question:

What is the Sponsoring Product Name?

What does the sponsoring product do?


To all contest contestants:  I was unable to get the above form to automatically email your entry so please copy and paste and send it in an email to:    Thank you.