Our Consumer Awareness Program was formally launched in Toronto yesterday: Sunday May 15th 2023.

Our canvassers wore the flyer below on their front and backs and handed out thousands of business cards.  One canvasser claimed that they had so many people taking photos of them (the flyer), that they felt like a celebrity.  They loved it!

The front of the business card is similar in appearance to our scannable flyers.  The back of the business card advises them to display the card wherever thy chose to, in highly visible areas.  In a ground level window of their business, on bulletin boards, by employee entrances, etc etc etc.  The instruction conclude with a notification that: if our flyer is spotted in their window they will instantly be awarded: $1,000.00 CASH.

Toronto proudly boast that over 25 million people visit Toronto during weekend events.  Events like professional sporting event, like BLUE JAYS & RAPTOR GAMES, etc,  the HONDA INDY RACE, various festivals, the like CARIBANA, know as: the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grande Parade, and so many others.  Other cities boast high influx of visitors and tourism as well.  Our Consumer Awareness Program canvassing campaigns will begin appearing in many of those cities.

- Special thanks goes out to Shirley M., in Ottawa for her assistance in setting up and directing canvassing in the Ottawa and Montreal area.  You'll be awarded CASH.
- Special thanks and best wishes to: Inqra F., in Edmonton, for offering her support in setting up canvassing.
- Special thanks to: Etienne & Manon of Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge, Quebec.  Etienne & Manon are translating our flyers and business cards, and will commence their support canvassing campaign.  It's different, but it's really good.
- Special thanks to the university professors, helping to disburse this to Undergraduates and Graduates.  I asked for your help, and you've created a Wild Fire.  Thanks.  The MacEwan University of Alberta flyer is best, so it's being used !
- Special thanks to Kamloops business graduate for suggesting: targeting postal codes flyers: targeted to every Home Hardware postal code, alerting consumers to not trust Home Hardware.  You won $1,000.00.
- A college student suggested creating a graphic depicting a mock red shirt store owner with an extra large exaggerated smile, giving it to the Blue Jays mascot.  Suggested slogans offered were;  "I thought you promoted LGBTQ?" and others like: "HH with the slogan" Horrendous Harassment.  The arts department suggested it because of the "Devil Woman" graphic, which was used, causing Home Hardware to change its advertising slogan from: "Help is Close to Home", we promoted "Hell is Close to Home", against its indisputable law breaking.  That graphic circled the globe and even into Australia.  Yet to this date: Home Hardware claims its law breaking is legal.  The Toronto Blue Jays, and other sports networks might see it differently, as would the courts.

* A special thanks to all those who are coming forward with offerings of your support and assistance.  Woodsmans International is overwhelmed by it, and appreciates you all.  Thank you!

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If drawn, you could be awarded:
- a brand new house, or a brand new home
- a brand new cottage
- a brand new vehicles
- a brand new cell iPhone 14 PR
* and much much more.

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