We at Woodsmans International have been a caring and respectful company throughout our 3 decade history.

Some of our objectives and initiatives are listed below.

Please feel free to use, or to contribute to any of our caring programs.

- Caring for Broken Soles
We began this program years ago.  Without government assistance or any funding, we have turned people's lives around.  Often at great cost.
We have housed the homeless, fed many, clothed many, and in 1993: we gave all our money to the North Bay Food Bank.  It was the highlight national news story that day from coast to coast.
We: or I personally have funded this initiative without any assistance nor recognition from our government.

- https://F-Fro.com
This program will change the current 35 year old Ontario Legislation and Law, that legally has destroyed the lives of millions of families and individuals by: giving Social Services, and the Courts, the power to render any and all, Divorce and/or Separation Agreements, Null and Void, IF: an ex applies for Social Services.

- https://clistads.com
This is a FREE to all, website.  Here you can find anything from, UNCENSORED  BLOGS,  BUY & SELL,  FREE  ADVERTISING for businesses, a FREE  DATING  WEBSITE, even ADULT  PERSONALS, and there is FUNDING.  A man there needs an artificial leg if anyone cares to help.  And clistads also offers: completely private (never sold) spam free and advertising free EMAIL  ACCOUNTS, and much much more.  Like entertainment feeds, sports feeds, news feeds, and even the weather.

PLUS: there currently is the: Ontario Elections Live Voting Poll with Uncensored Comments is public opinion.  Your opinion and mine.  Your vote here does not remove you from voting in the election.  It simply shows the collective support of candidates and your uncensored comment if you chose to write one.  Comments by you; the backbone of Ontario, of Canada.  Your voice matters.

PLUS:  ALMA  -  All  Lives  Matter  Always.

I'm calling upon everyone to unite.  Unite as equals.  We can make the world a better place by being together as one.

I admired: P.K. Subban, when he donated $10,000,000.00 for a hospital wing, knowing he was soon to be traded.  And now: I admire his support of; "Inclusion for All".  But that is for hockey.  This is for everyone and every colour and age.

So let us work together on one specific united campaign for all.  All being that:  "All Lives Matter Always".  All of us.  Black lives matter.  Children matter.  Everyone matters when we all matter equally.

Every Toronto Raptor publicly stood behind the segregated campaign that the death of George Flloyd generated.  Rest in peace my brother.  So I am asking the Toronto Raptors, and each and every sports team everywhere, and every man and every woman everywhere, to show your support for: ALMA publicly.  Thank you.

Please use this logo to help spread the word because:  All Lives Matter Always

Segregation campaigns like: Black Lives Matter, and Every Child Matters, are not all inclusive.

P.K. Subban has the right campaign.  Inclusion for all.  The Toronto Raptors, and many other International Sports Teams, and National Sports Teams, failed in their various attempts for equality.

An example of that imbalance is clearly seen below in the: "NBA, teams, and players - show of support" file.