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Final Fall Promotion



Sale Ends Midnight, October 31st


































Due to Bell Canada - Bell Total Connect - Many retail stores have been unable to reach us by fax while some are not even able to phone us and get a Bell Canada message stating, "The number you have reached is not in service".  Bell Canada insist the lines are working properly but stores have alerted us via email telling us of this issue which is a great concern to any business using Bell Total Connect.

Because of Bell Canada; many stores missed our pre-season special below which ended Christmas Eve.

Therefore: we are offering a discount of 10 percent on one case of 12 bottles only.  Thank you.

As our token of appreciation we are offering you a Christmas sale.

There are 10 weeks until Christmas so we are offering you 10 percent off the regular price.

Special Pre-Paid price is $194.29 (10 % OFF) per box of 12 bottles on Pre-Paid Orders regularly $215.88,

Purchase Order sale price is $205.09 per box of 12 bottles on Purchase Orders regularly $227.88.

Liqui-Fire suggested retail is $24.99.

Regular Pricing Now in Effect.



Use the above link to purchase a single box of 12 bottles or multiple boxes of 12 bottles.  Insert your Purolator, UPS, Loomis, etc # in the option field. Other information such as: "Store Number", or "Purchase Order Number can be inserted into the "Address Line 2" field.

You can also add your Store Number, telephone or fax number, and your Purolator or UPS #s in the "Note to the Seller" field.


Also: Liqui-Fire Purchasers will be given a rate Investment Opportunity.  This Investment Opportunity will be for a newly identified product that demonstrates potential sales and revenue generation that could exceed the million dollar per year range.  Soon those interested parties will be sent a link to an: Investor Portal where documentation and other investor information will become available and then vanish.  Some information will be emailed directly to investors only.

Thank you.


Here are a few discreet details on this newly identified product market:

Quickly adapts to every existing XXXXXXXXX ever made.

An estimated 28 percent of all Canadian Households have one.

This newly identified product serves geographic area of over 60 percent of the worlds population.

The product reduces the user time requirement from over two hours to approximately 18 minutes.


Part 2 - Product Number 2

As the "Devil's Advocate" I have also identified yet another product technology.  This product technology is patentable.  Once patented; it would be licensed to existing manufacturers that have supplied 28 percent of the Canadian population for many decades.  Royalties would be received and divvied up amongst the investors or the aforementioned.  This product technology will be kept secret from all until it has become patented.


That's enough said openly.


Contact Woodsmans International if you are genuinely interested in investing.  A non-refundable committal fee is required from all serious parties.















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