Flyer Purpose and Instructions

These flyers can be printed and hung on any bulletin board in your store or your town.  You'd be surprised how many there are in your city or town.  Some great locations to increase sales are, the post office, the grocery store, old fashion restaurants, gas stations, etc.  If you wanted the coloured flyer click here.

Space was left for your store name to be written or stamped.  Also check mark the box as well.

If you wish to print the flyer, follow these simple instructions.

Right Left Right is the easiest way to remember what to do, so just relax.

1 - Right mouse click in the middle of the flyer below and a menu will appear.


2 - Left mouse click on view image.  You now can see only the flyer seen.


3 - Right mouse click on that image and select: save image as...

You can now save it to your computer and print it whenever you wish.

What you've just learned works on any available online photos, art, etc.

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